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By bananaman
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Joined:  Sat Jan 01, 2011 2:54 am
Here's my growlist.

follicularis (FTS)

muscipula -- 2012-1 -- fractal teeth (FTS)
muscipula -- 2012-2 (FTS)
muscipula -- 2012-3 (FTS)
muscipula -- 2012-4 -- all red (FTS)
muscipula -- 2017 Seedlings (me)
muscipula -- 2018 Seedlings (me)
muscipula -- Rocket Farms typical (supermarket)

'Anemone' (J. Walker)
binata -- self fertile (FTC)
burmannii (ICPS)
capensis (R. Hrouda)
capensis -- alba (R. Hrouda)
capensis -- Bainskloof (M. Aguilera)
capillaris -- Tyler Co., TX (J. Walker)
filiformis var. floridana (M. Dawson)
filiformis -- "Florida Giant" (ICPS)
intermedia -- Stump Sound, Pender Co., NC (FTC)
aff. lanata -- Flying Fox Creek, NT, Aus. (D. Sheng)
micrantha (Miller M.)
ordensis -- Timber Creek, NT, Aus. (R. Flores)
spatulata -- Beenak, Vic., Aus. (ICPS)
spatulata -- 'Tamlin' (ICPS)
tracyi (M. Dawson)

lusitanicum (C. Williams)

moranensis -- G (CC)

alata -- purple throat giant, S. Lenssen (FTC)
flava var. ornata -- Catalani x black veins (I. Contreras)
leucophylla -- 'Hurricane Creek White' (DJ Frank)
minor var. okefenokeensis -- giant, North GA (FTC)
oreophila (J. Walker)
x readii (K. Camardelle)
rosea -- 'Big Mama' x rosea (CC)
"Doreen's Colossus" (J. Greene)
'Adrian Slack' x 'Leah Wilkerson' (DJ Frank)
x catesbaei (K. Camardelle)
'Dixie Lace' (K. Camardelle)
flava ornata x rubracorpora -- Phil's Clone x Liberty Co. FL, Clone T (D. Powell)
flava x alata -- red x areolata (DJ Frank)
'Judith Hindle' (L. Ochs)
'Judith Hindle' x minor (L. Ochs)

gibba -- Barton Creek Nursery Pond, Travis Co., TX (collected with permission)
longifolia (CPN)

In Propagation:
Drosera binata -- Waihohonu Desert Road, NZ (ICPS) -- sown 8/22, germination noted 8/27
Drosera brevifolia -- Warren, Tyler Co., TX (FTC) -- sown 6/15, germination noted 6/25
Drosera burmannii (me) -- sown 7/11/19, germinated by 8/1
Drosera dilatato-petiolaris (AK) -- sown 6/7, germination noted 6/30
Drosera hookeri (FTC) -- sown 7/11/19
Drosera intermedia -- Roraima State, Brazil (H. Carlton) -- sown 8/12, germination noted 8/21
Drosera aff. lanata -- Flying Fox Creek, NT, Aus. (me) -- leaf pullings
Drosera oblanceolata -- Sunset Peak, Hong Kong (H. Carlton) -- sown 8/12
Drosera ordensis -- Timber Creek, NT, Aus. (me) -- leaf pullings
Drosera paradoxa -- type form (AK) -- sown 6/7, germination noted 6/25
Drosera ramellosa (G. Kong) -- harvested May/June 2019, sown 6/27/19
Drosera serpens -- Jacky Jacky, QL, Aus. (H. Carlton) -- sown 8/12, germination noted 8/21
Drosera spatulata -- Ahipara Gumfields, Northland, NZ (H. Carlton) -- sown 8/12, germination noted 8/30
Drosera spatulata -- Coloane, Macau (ICPS) -- sown 8/22
Pinguicula lusitanica (H. Carlton) -- sown 8/12, germination noted 8/19
Sarracenia jonesii -- red/HV (ICPS) -- sown 4/28, germinating
Sarracenia x catesbaei -- OP (me) -- sown 8/3, germination noted 8/20

Looking For:
Texas carnivores with location data
Red VFTs

Source Key:
CC -- California Carnivores
FTC -- FlyTrapCare Community Seedbank
FTS -- FlyTrapStore
ICPS -- ICPS Seedbank
PFT -- PetFlyTrap
CPN -- Carnivorous Plant Nursery
AK -- AK Carnivores
other -- whatever is listed

Last Update: 8/30/2019
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By bananaman
Posts:  2059
Joined:  Sat Jan 01, 2011 2:54 am
Splatulata is a weed. :D
When I got it, It arrived as one dying plant, but it has split into a clump over the years, and I've taken come cuttings :lol:
The reason I have extra by the sundews, is I have two little unidentified ones. One is probably capensis, the other is probably splatulata.
I got my first 3 cp's from An "akai Ryku" VFT died. but, the ventricosa and splatulata lived :) .
They were both almost dead when I got them.
The lecuophylla is from a seed planted 2yrs ago.
By dantt99
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Good updates, though I can't see all of them. Maybe you should splatter in a little red :lol:
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By dantt99
Posts:  5045
Joined:  Sun Oct 17, 2010 4:48 am
Me either :D! I've got 300 Binata seeds sitting like slugs waiting to germinate :lol:
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