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Pitcher Plants
Discuss Sarracenia, Heliamphora, Darlingtonia, Cephalotus plant care here
3022 Topics 
26131 Posts
Re: Sarracenia id?
by Matt
Tropical Pitcher Plants
Discuss Nepenthes plant care here
2625 Topics 
19616 Posts
Re: random slower growth ?
by snakechild
Sundews, Rainbow Plants, and Dewy Pines
Discuss Drosera, Byblis, and Drosophyllum plant care here
3309 Topics 
25484 Posts
Re: How much water do you thi…
by Sundew77
Discuss Pinguicula care here
750 Topics 
6119 Posts
Re: ping primuliflora dying
by mhal408
All other Carnivorous Plants/General CP Discussions
Discuss any carnivorous plant that doesn't fit in the above categories here or general chat about carnivorous plants
1085 Topics 
7593 Posts
Re: I want everyone to see wh…
by Joshuamarshall792
CP identification Forum
Got a carnivorous plant and you don't know what it is? Ask here!
498 Topics 
3495 Posts
Re: Unsure what Sarr or Sarrs…
by Matt
Care guides and tutorials
Post any care guides or tutorials here.
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676 Posts
Re: easy pollination of a sar…
by uxleumas
Photo Contest

Hi guys, I don't have many plants but I would li[…]

You're very welcome! ;)

Black widow

Well, the enzymes and bacteria in the stew pretty […]

random slower growth ?

thank you for the reply ! Yeah I wasn’t su[…]

ping primuliflora dying

@mallowallow i remember reading a post about live […]

This request is almost two weeks old. Unless confi[…]

This request is almost two weeks old. Unless confi[…]

Oh okay thank you. I'll make sure to keep that in […]

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