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Pitcher Plants
Discuss Sarracenia, Heliamphora, Darlingtonia, Cephalotus plant care here
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by jessicatran
Tropical Pitcher Plants
Discuss Nepenthes plant care here
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Re: Safe treatments for mould…
by PlantsWithTeeth_01
Sundews, Rainbow Plants, and Dewy Pines
Discuss Drosera, Byblis, and Drosophyllum plant care here
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Re: D. capensis "Meadowview W…
by Herbz187
Discuss Pinguicula care here
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Re: One of my favorite pings.…
by Artemisia
All other Carnivorous Plants/General CP Discussions
Discuss any carnivorous plant that doesn't fit in the above categories here or general chat about carnivorous plants
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Re: Bog Garden and S.psittici…
by Nepenthes0260
CP identification Forum
Got a carnivorous plant and you don't know what it is? Ask here!
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Re: Nepenthes ID
by sanguinearocks101
Care guides and tutorials
Post any care guides or tutorials here.
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We are on Patreon under the a…
by roarke
Safe treatments for mould on nepenthes seed?

To help prevent nepenthes seeds from molding over[…]

Greenhouse ventilation advice needed

I am building a small greenhouse, roughly 9ft squa[…]

Kinh nghiệm chơi casino trực tuyến ko phải người[…]

Unfortunately i cant repot ASAP due to the COVID q[…]

Wow nice!!! This are from the cuttings i got fr[…]

Sarracenia help

Pics would really help. It's probably just transp[…]

okay thank you so much! a bog garden seems the way[…]

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