Growing Venus Flytraps from Seed

Venus Flytrap seedlings

Venus Flytrap Seeds are easy to germinate and grow, and Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) seeds can be shipped from the U.S. and many countries to anywhere else in the world (so long as the destination country has no law against it).

In the northern hemisphere, the Venus Flytrap flowering and seed-producing season is generally about April to June. So by late June or early July fresh new seed should be available from many growers for sharing (free), trade or sale at reasonable prices.

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Seed production in Venus Flytraps

When Venus Flytraps bloom, a flower begins to be receptive to pollen only 1 to 1.5 days after the flower opens, so older flowers (1-1.5 days old) need to be pollinated with the fresh pollen from a younger flower (preferably one that has just opened). It greatly increases the likelihood and yield of seed production to pollinate the flowers by hand. A small artist's brush or other instrument can be used to transfer the pollen from the anthers of a young flower to the stigma at the center of a slightly older flower (1-1.5 days older). To see a photo, a composite of the various stages of Venus Flytrap flowering and seed production, click the following link, which will open in a new browser window (click on the photo to magnify it to full size): Flowering and Seed Production in Dionaea muscipula

Germination of Venus Flytrap Seeds

A seed germination container

To germinate Venus Flytrap seeds, there are a few things to consider and remember:

  • Stratification or no? -- No, not for Venus Flytrap seed. Stratification is the process of keeping seeds cold and damp for several weeks or months, and for Fall-blooming plants stratification can simulate a winter for the seeds, which are used to germinating the following Spring. But Venus Flytraps bloom in the Spring, not the Fall, and their seeds do not need to be stratified. Instead Venus Flytrap seeds are accustomed to germinate within days (usually 13-25 days) after they fall to the ground during the summer, the rate and speed of germination increasing with warm temperatures. Therefore, Venus Flytrap seeds should not be stratifed, although if they are not sowed immediately they can be stored in the refrigerator to help them remain fresh longer and increase germination when sowed at a later date.
  • What kind of soil? The "soil" should be the same as growing media for adult Venus Flytraps: a very low-nutrient mix based on sphagnum peat moss, with other ingredients such as silica sand or perlite optionally added. No "potting soil" (usually has nutrients added) and no Miracle-Gro brand because they enrich their sphagnum peat moss and perlite with plant food.
  • Bury the seed? -- Don't bury the seed, but it's OK to sift a little fine dust of sphagnum peat moss (ground between the fingers, for example) onto the surface of the germination/growing medium to settle around the seeds to help retain moisture and keep the emerging root from drying out and becoming calloused and stunted. This also helps give the seed something to push against as the root emerges and seeks to dig itself into the medium instead of merely pushing itself along the soil surface, but it is not strictly necessary.
  • Water -- Use only rain water or distilled water (or reverse-osmosis water). To water the seeds, use a spray bottle to gently wet the soil surface or continue to spray to saturate the medium until some water drains out, or water from below, allowing the soil to suck water upward through the drain holes from a tray or bowl of water. While germinating seed the soil should be fairly moist. Later when the plants begin to grow well the water content should be lowered and the plants allowed to have more air and less water in the soil. Venus Flytraps, once they are past the tiny seedling stage, grow very healthy in just moist rather than soggy or saturated soil, although care must be taken so that the soil never completely dries out.
  • Heat -- Yes, keep the seeds and growing container warm. A temperature above 78 degrees Fahrenheit or fluctuating up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (24-32 or more degrees Celsius/Centigrade) will greatly help to stimulate more rapid germination and early healthy growth.
  • Keep moist -- Don't allow the soil surface to dry out completely, and try to keep humidity high during germination, although it can be lowered once the plants are growing. If you live in a dry climate, it helps to germinate Venus Flytraps in a covered container. A disposable plastic food storage container makes a fine germination chamber. Cut or punch holes in the top for heat escape and air circulation, and poke some tiny holes in the bottom of the container to drain excess water. Lift the lid of the container at least once a day and fan the air for a change of fresh air. The germination chamber should not be placed in direct sunlight because it will overheat both the air and soil inside and may damage or kill the seeds and germinating plants. Bright indirect light is best. Alternatively, the seeds may be sown in any regular pot or planting container, and temporarily covered with a clear plastic bag in indirect light. As with the germination chamber mentioned above, it is important to keep any covered container out of direct sunlight because of the rapid buildup of heat inside or beneath the covering, which can literally bake and kill seeds and seedlings. Once most of the seeds have germinated (within 4-6 weeks) the covering can be permanently removed and the seedlings then placed in direct sunlight.

  • Transplant -- If grown in a germination container, Flytraps can be transplanted after germination to a more permanent home, uncovered. The best stage to transplant them (this is merely my own preference) is after 2-3 weeks of growth in the germination container, when the cotyledons (the two first leaves, the "seed leaves") are almost fully extended out of the seed and the first tiny true trap leaf is forming. At this stage the plant has a base and tiny root that can be transplanted, which helps to anchor the plant in its new growing medium and helps it to adapt to conditions of lesser humidity and more light. An easy way to transplant is to use a moist wooden toothpick. Poke a tiny hole in the new home of the plant, gently dig the plant with the tip of the toothpick, transfer the plant to the tiny hole in its new growing container and gently orient it properly (leaves up, base and root down) then very gently settle it into the new hole with the toothpick or a very light touch of a finger.
  • How long to wait? Warmth greatly increases the speed of germination of Venus Flytrap seeds. When the growing medium and air around the seeds are somewhat warmer than most humans find comfortable, seeds can often begin to germinate in 13-15 days. But in normal room temperature or cooler, it might be 3-5 weeks before any germination occurs. Don't give up though, and don't let the soil surface dry and kill a newly emerging root from a just-germinated seed!
  • Storing seeds -- To store excess seed for later germination, place them in a small plastic bag or--if very fresh--in a paper envelope inside a plastic bag, and store them in the refrigerator. Keeping them cold helps prevent them from trying to germinate prematurely (warmth stimulates germination) and helps keep them fresh, and keeping them from drying out too much keeps them fresh longer and keeps their germination rate (percentage) higher. Placing them in a plastic bag and squeezing out most of the excess air keeps the seeds from drying out too much, and placing them in a paper envelope helps overly-moist fresh seed to dry just a little and keeps them from developing mold in long term storage. The plastic bag enclosing the paper envelope keeps them from drying out too much. If harvesting your own seed, allow them to dry in a small open container for 2-3 days before storage in the refrigerator.
  • Anything else? HAVE FUN! Venus Flytraps are very interesting to watch grow from seed. Most Venus Flytraps that are available for sale are tissue cultured (micropropagated) or are natural divisions of known cultivars or clones, but seed grown plants are all different: each is genetically unique, each is one of a kind.

Venus Flytrap seedlings beginning their second growing season


#87 Dennis 2014-04-09 18:24
getting some VFT seeds in the mail soon
I cannot say what kind as its a variety pack rom Germany I am going to sow the seeds in a open pot in a tray
You said heating aids germination so is a Terrarium enough for heat if its not my LE TV produces lots of heat behind it,down side is I cannot see them :9
#86 Adam barber 2014-02-02 20:10
I put mine on a heating pad with a little over a dozen nepenthes seedlings and it sprouted in less than a week and already coloring on the leaves.
#85 julia taylor 2013-12-12 13:40
:P:sad: i want a vft but I need to know if the seeds dormant
#84 Expert and Most Incrediable Venus Flytrap Raiser In The WORLD! 2013-11-06 07:05
8):-);-):D;-):o :P:-* It was amazing! All the seeds germinatied in 2 weeks!I love! Now I started a buiness with Venus Flytraps with growing and selling them! It is fun to buy some seeds, start a buiness growing them, raising them, and selling (which is easy and fun!). Also you get a lot of money$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$ selling those exotic plants people find amazing. THANK YOU for helping me and inspiring me to start my own buiness! Now I rich!
#83 Expert and Most Incrediable Venus Flytrap Raiser In The WORLD! 2013-11-06 06:55
The seeds are amazing and grew so fast!
#82 whitefoxdarling 2013-06-14 02:40
-And I can't wait for them to arrive, the seeds are going from England to New Zealand yeow!
I'm going to have cute 'lil venus fly trap babies!!!

This was very helpful and inspiring! Churr :D
#81 Rayray 2013-03-05 11:23
What countries do flytrap seeds grow best
#80 Mar** Adriano 2012-12-26 10:37
Dear steve_d I was wondering you could kindly give me some seeds for free? :-) i bought seeds before but I think the seeds were quite old and they didn't germinate. 173 Mariano Marcos st. San Juan, Metro Manila Philippines 1500 is my address. Please email me about it. Hoping for a good answer!
#79 noobs 2012-10-21 04:44
I started to sow the seed about October 1st this year, but until now there is nothing that come out from the seed. As I have mentioned in the title, I live in Indonesia and it is always hot all year. And recently the temperature can reach about 38-40 degree celcius. I remember reading some articles that said venus flytrap seed grow fast around 26-29 degree celcius but can tolerate wide variety of temperature. Is it to hot to keep my flytrap seeds outside?
#78 Mas Nalgan 2012-08-30 05:34
Excellent and very helpful article. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

I'm quite astounded to see how many people keep coming to the comments to ask questions when it's clearly stated many times this box isn't for questions... It's also amusing that most of the questions that have asked were already answered in other comments already.
#77 Randy 2012-08-07 09:34
Purchased 40 vft seeds from you the 1st of July. As of August 7, 39 have germinated and are doing well. Thanks again! Randy
#76 luckystar 2012-07-23 11:51
@ raven M you killed them
#75 luckystar 2012-07-23 11:49
how do i tell flower seeds apart from new plants growing???? Also one of my other traps wont open and it has nothing in it and its been more then one day...
#74 craig02 2012-07-12 14:02
please could somebody send me some free seeds ive got everything else to grow them but cannot get seeds anywere in my town and im on a low income would realy appreciate it my email i will give address if u email me thank you
#73 Kunwar 2012-06-08 10:52
very nice photo
#72 Trampolinelover 2012-05-16 17:32
I planted my venus flytrap seeds in the beginning of march. They are still so small. How long will it take for them to get big enough to feed.
#71 Jackal 2012-04-13 05:43
Excellent article, Steve! Thanks! :-)

For everyone else asking about stratification, here's the BOTTOM LINE:

Venus Flytraps are a species of carnivorous plant that do NOT need stratification. It is probably not even good for them. Just sow them on the surface of your soil (peat moss/perlite mix, etc.) and let them have sunlight. Keep them moist. Do not keep them soggy. Terrariums are not only unnecessary under most circumstances, but their conditions can damage the plant and cause them to rot. Venus Flytraps are NOT tropical, and are used to the fluctuating conditions of North Carolina/South Carolina. Unless you live in the Arctic, you'll be fine. If you live in a tropical or sub-tropical area, it may be a good idea to give them a simulated winter season to go dormant for a month.

If you need to STORE the seeds or keep them fresh for a LATER planting, you can put them in your refrigerator, but keep them DRY.

All good? Yes? No? If no, then listen to Steve and go to Flytrapcare's FORUMS to ask these questions. Like he keeps asking you to. Because this is an article, and not a "Dear Steve" column.


I found the picture and explanation of the germination chamber helpful-- I live in NC and have the right conditions already set for flytraps, so I don't need it for them, but I'm going to be growing some Cobra Lilies soon, so a germination chamber suited to their needs might not be a bad idea at all. Of course, I can't keep it moist and cold without fear of mold, but once they're out of the refrigerator, the germination chamber is a great idea to keep track of their growth and keep an eye on the germination process. :-)
#70 Victoria Herrington 2012-04-03 12:05
Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!
My son is starting a few plants from seeds and it was nice to find a website with straight information on do's and dont's.
Look forward to seeing some of your more popular plants back in stock, I WILL be ordering.
#69 Kris TUcker 2012-03-30 11:23
i just wanted to say, you have great patience with all these n00bz. I have loved these plants for so long, all the carnies really, but fly traps the most. Recently found seeds that are many years old, but I'm gonna try to grow them anyway. This site filled in all the gaps in my knowledge, never grown from seeds before. keep up the good work!
#68 steve_d 2012-03-11 17:53
Yes, the Venus Flytraps in picture 3 are grown in the plastic containers from picture 2. Other questions are answered in the FlytrapCare Forum (, not here. :-)
#67 Sebastian 2012-03-11 17:17
Are the flytraps grown in picture 3 are grown in the plastic containers from picture 2
#66 General Hydroponics 2012-02-19 23:10
If your plant is growing in a terrarium, you will have to provide it's food. Your Fly Trap will consume 2 or 3 small insects each month. Dead flies and insects can be used, provided that they died of natural causes and not by poisons. Never, never, never feed your Venus Fly Trap any hamburger. The fat content in burger will be fatal to your plant.
#65 steve_d 2012-02-16 09:21
That question has been asked and answered many times in the FlytrapCare Forum! (
#64 Nawaf6644 2012-02-16 07:43
How do you pollinate the flowers
#63 Lightboy1 2012-01-28 05:24
Try placing some VFT seed on a folded paper towel that has been saturated with distilled water. Place the towle in a sandwich bag and put the bag in a sunny room out of direct sunlight. I had some of my extra seed sprout in 4 - 5 weeks. Take a look at my photo that I just posted. Good luck ! ( lightboy1 )
#62 Brandi 2012-01-20 19:39
Don't spray the plant directly when you water it, that could cause the traps to trigger pre-maturly and keep it from getting the bugs it needs to survive.
#61 les 2012-01-10 04:00
i love this site helps alot
#60 Charlie 2011-12-27 09:00
I think this site is amazing but i could not find out what time of year to sow the seeds as i have a load of Venus fly trap seeds in a little plastic bag. I also bought one witch is not in good shape so i would like to do it right this time! Thanks :-)
#59 Toki 2011-12-21 18:30
I really loved this website. Can't wait to buy Venus Fly Traps. Eventually I would love to buy Korean Melody sharks. Thanks Matt and Steve!!!!!! -^_^-
#58 steve_d 2011-12-02 13:06
As the note in red says "This area is for comments only. If you have a question join the forum!"

FlytrapCare Forum
#57 mrjeffster 2011-12-02 12:38
hey there, I just recently bought some VFT seeds online and sure enough i got one to sprout. it already fully came out of its seed and i spotted its first trap comming out. but the i started thinking and i germinated these seeds in mid november and now we're in december. so when will it go dormant? :o or will she go dormat on her own? or should i do something? what should i do?
p.s. i live in L.A thank you
#56 steve_d 2011-10-23 14:42
in the picture on top that says "venus flytraps after first dormancy' i notice some variations in the plants. are those seeds al from one plant or are they mixed with seeds from diffrent plants?
The seeds are from many different Venus Flytraps. At that young age, size differences do not usually indicate the relative size of the mature plants, but instead is influenced by many other factors, such as how large the seed was to begin with, whether the tiny seedling experienced any setbacks (became a little too dried out at one specific time, had damage to the leaves, etc.), whether the plant has caught any tiny insects, and other factors.

For other questions, please ask in the FlytrapCare Forum (
#55 trapman 2011-10-23 14:09
in the picture on top that says "venus flytraps after first dormancy' i notice some variations in the plants. are those seeds al from one plant or are they mixed with seeds from diffrent plants?
#54 Taryn tgplp 2011-10-12 22:13
Hey guys, just wanted to say this is a great article, so thanks for taking time to write it!

#53 cat 2011-10-10 09:52
Loved this article so useful will be growing some soon so please dont remove the page as I will be bookmarking it.

Thanks again
#52 miguel Roscoe 2011-09-26 09:17
It is very useful information because i have a venus fly trap that is producing seeds and i want to germinate them.
#51 Saras Naidoo 2011-09-21 14:17
I teach Horticulture in a high school. I ordered some vft seeds from California, tried germinating them and nothing germinated. Please send me some free seeds for my horticulture class.
Much Appreciated,
Saras Naidoo
Box 1419
Battleford, Sask.,
S0M 0E0
#50 CPcaregiver 2011-08-29 09:54
Matt,How on earth do i post questions on the forum? i cant figure it out.
#49 zeitgeistt 2011-07-20 09:47
i wish i could do that! all the seeds i plant never turn out:sad: it sucks
#48 Joey8375 2011-06-27 11:17
What estimated time will venus fly trap seeds sprout in a moist environment, in the summer. I joined the forum.
#47 Egmont Denjit 2011-06-26 07:59
ummm my friend told me that if i want to plant venus fly trap,i have to live in a cold region,does it right?:-)
#46 Tim Lynn 2011-05-17 09:37
i live in a rural area and all we have is walmart. i can't afford to buy a flytrap due to being unemployed. i'd love to try and grow some. could anyone be so kind to send me some seeds for flytraps big mouth or fang would be great but any would make my day.

my address is

Dot Laws
560 Poplar Springs rd
Huntingdon, Tn 38344

thank you and god bless
#45 Tim Lynn 2011-05-17 09:29
could someone please send me some seeds. i'd love to try and grow some and i am very poor or i would buy some. I live in a rural area and all we have is walmart. they don't have any ever. if someone would be so kind to send me some seeds my address is

D Laws
560 Poplar Springs Rd
Huntingdon Tn 38344

big jaws or fang seeds would really make me happy but any type will be great. god bless
#44 steve_d 2011-03-19 08:48
Kayne says: "... can anyone tell me what kind of size i can expect to see from the vft"
Questions are answered in the FlytrapCare Forum (, not here. ;-)
#43 Kayne 2011-03-19 08:26
I have just started the germination process with my seeds, can anyone tell me what kind of size i can expect to see from the vft. I am in England where the wearther is pants. :D
#42 Tim 2011-02-19 22:33
Very good information you have here! I just purchased a VFT "Dente" to be exact and I am looking forward to collecting some seeds!
#41 Ramalamadingdong 2011-01-19 21:50
Thanks man! planning on Buying some and needed some info on how to take care of them. P.S. You guys need to stop posting questions on the comments, it's annoying and it takes forever to scroll down to post a comment to complain about it.....:sad::sa d::sad::sad::sa d::sad::sad::sa d::sad::sad::sa d::sad:
#40 Lightboy1 2010-08-01 17:47
Thanks to all the info I gathered from this site and members comments and suggestions, I was successful in germinating VFT seeds. However, I am a bit concerned with algae on the surface of the growing media. Is there any danger to the seedlings due to the algae that has formed on the surface? Thanks in advance for any help.....
#39 steve_d 2010-06-03 05:52
Those are good questions, donciukas, but this area, as the note in red type mentions, is for comments only; questions should be asked in the Forum instead. Best wishes, -Steve, and m
#38 donciukas 2010-06-03 01:00
Matt, I need your help, I have some questions:
1. Is it true that every seed is another species? For example: I'm growing a simple VTF, so I can grow Akai Ryu, Fused tooth and all other VFTs'?
2. Is the potting mixture for seeds: 50% perlite and 50% peat moss ok?
3. How can I "get" indirect sunlight? If I'm now sitting in my room and there's sunlight behind the window, but there's no direct sunlight in my room, but I CAN SEE THINGS IN MY ROOM - that is indirect sunlight?
4. How to water the seeds. Is it ok, to only fill the tray, their pot is standing in with 0,5 cm? Or should I just spray water on them?
Thank you very much.
#37 steve_d 2010-03-02 22:18
To "Junior" -- Your question is answered in the article. If you have other questions, it would be better to ask them in the Forum.
#36 Junior 2010-03-02 19:39
if you have seeds from online and have seeds planted,can you just keep the unused seeds in a bag and just wait until you feel planting it or do you have to plant the unused seeds? just to know. :-)
#35 nell 2009-10-12 14:02
hey steve! i've been looking for ages for vft seeds, ive got the compost and now how to grow them but i had some and they died after i did everything so carefully, not to over feed them or over water. and now i cnt get hold of them anywhere! i was hoping u'd be nice enough to send me some free seeds like you did for nadun.

#34 steve_d 2009-08-14 19:23
Why? Because you need to ask these types of questions in the Forum, not in this article. ;-)
#33 manzano167 2009-08-14 18:57
why aren"t you guys answering me:sad:
#32 manzano167 2009-08-14 18:56
hello why wont you guys answer qustion?
#31 manzano167 2009-08-13 14:35
i just got my seeds and i just watered them in spring water and i grabbed the seeds with my hand a pressed firmly into th soil will that do it and i placed it in the sun ( seeds were inside the peat moss but not to deep) help me with any tip ok
#30 Keondra 2009-08-10 14:39
i just got some vft seeds and put them in a terrarium, peatmoss and perlite, watered with reverse osmosis and getting good artificial light. do you think they will germinate and if so when. plz respond.thx
#29 Nadun 2009-08-06 21:29
Dear Steve,
I am Nadun From Sri Lanka I got Your Seeds And i Put Them To Proper Planting Medea I DID Happy because they germinated after 3 weeks but bad news is some insects i mean ants attack my baby plants they die please send me more some seeds i will pay you through western union
thank you

Address :- Nadun R Albecket
Sri Lanka
#28 steve_d 2009-07-29 09:08
All of the questions in these comments should be asked in the Forum instead, so please make use of the forum and all the good growers who read and post there, to get good answers to these questions. :-) --Steve D
#27 Ian 2009-07-25 16:35
Hey, its July 24, I just harvested my seeds yesturday! I live in CA. One flower stalk gave me 238 seeds. (that was my only typ. flower stalk)
#26 steve_d 2009-06-26 07:49
This article about growing Venus Flytraps from seed is just that, an article, not a question and answer vehicle. Questions should be asked in the forum where they will be seen by a lot more people and receive a greater variety of useful and helpful answers.
#25 mojo 2009-06-26 00:59
could i use a potting mixture of 50% peat moss and 50% sand from the park instead of pearl light please reply thanx
#24 mojo 2009-06-26 00:54
i have a question i am about to recieve some vft seeds but in the winter do i have to prepare them for dormancy period just like i do for fully grow mature ones?
#23 Nadun Roshantha Albecket 2009-06-24 06:00
Dear steve

i got your seeds today thank you very very much for it and thanks again my all friends didnt send me that bu u did thankk u very much
please tell me how they may plant
i learn some articles but (peat moss perlite) what they are please send me more information

thanks again
#22 Christina Watts 2009-06-20 16:15
My email is
#21 Christina Watts 2009-06-20 16:10
I bought a littlew Venus flytrap kit from Barnes and Knobles(booksto re) and it told me to do the stratification thing. Since they are store in a box, do I need to stratificate them? or will they be good on there own?

Please e-mail back the answer, thank you.

Thank you.
#20 steve_d 2009-06-12 07:26
To Nadun-- If you receive any Venus Flytrap seeds, you must learn how to germinate them and grow them, or they will die. If you simply plant the seed in the ground, they will die. So please educate yourself by reading articles and joining carnivorous plant forums here at and elsewhere, before attempting to germinate seeds or grow Venus Flytraps or other carnivorous plants.
#19 Nadun Roshantha Albecket 2009-06-10 10:25
My Name Is Nadun From Sri lanka and i like so much to plant venus fly trap but our suppermarket or no any stall for that plant

Dear Sir Or Madom
Please Send Me Some Venus Fly trap Seeds By mail please

Address :- Nadun R Albecket
Sri Lanka

Please donate me Some Venus fly trap seeds

thank you
#18 steve_d 2009-06-09 08:44
To daysha-- You can ask in the Forum section of if anyone is willing to send you some free seeds. Now is a good time to ask because it is flowering and seed producing season, so by late June people should have seeds harvested.
#17 daysha 2009-06-09 08:16
can anyone send me free seeds so i can try this? i'll send my address if you e-mail me... thank you!!
#16 steve_d 2009-06-09 08:02
To robbyvft-- Some carnivorous plants' seeds may need stratification (Sarracenia for example) but Venus Flytrap seeds normally germinate and begin to grow the same year that they are produced, without going through a cold winter first, so they do not need stratification and will germinate within 2-3 weeks (or more) without stratification.

However, if you need to store them for several months, it is best to store them in cold conditions such as in a refrigerator, but DRY (not wet or moist), to help keep them fresh for later germination.

But regardless of what your friend said, Venus Flytrap seeds do not need stratification. I have germinated and grown many Venus Flytraps from seed with no stratification at all.

Best wishes, --Steve
#15 robbyvft 2009-06-08 17:38
...sorry for the miss spelled words
#14 robbyvft 2009-06-08 17:37
and the doctor say to stratificate them
#13 robbyvft 2009-06-08 17:36
some body tell mi how seed them and how they long take to catch insects.

at the top they say that stratification is not needed but the guy that sold me my seeds is a botanic or that man that study plants(i think that because in the bag says dr. ) what i do?
#12 steve_d 2009-06-07 13:17
If you have read this article you will see that no stratification is necessary.

These types of back and forth discussions are much better and easier to take place in the forum. Just join the forum and begin to ask questions, and many more people are likely to answer your questions and give you a wider range of opinions, help and advice. :-)
#11 0= 2009-06-07 12:55
i have 6 fresh seeds in a proses of 6 weeks of stratification what i need to do next
#10 steve_d 2009-06-06 08:35
The traps can begin to catch very small insects as soon as they develop their first true traps (the first leaves to emerge are the two cotyledons or "seed leaves," followed by the first real trap which is usually only about 1 millimeter in length. At that time they can begin to catch and digest very tiny soil gnats, for example.
#9 0= 2009-06-06 08:29
how much time the traps need to catch bugs
#8 steve_d 2009-05-31 08:52
To Brigitte-- The flowering and seed producing season spans a few months and is staggered according to climate. I have been harvesting seeds for a couple weeks now (it is May 31 as I write), but many people don't harvest until June, and haven't completed the harvest until late June or possibly early July, but by that time, as the article above states, many people should have fresh seed available. Best wishes, --Steve
#7 Brigitte 2009-05-31 08:11
Im on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and I just harvested seeds. It is the end of May.
#6 Niels 2009-05-28 20:48
Hi 0=,

You cannot bury the seeds. Just put them on top of the soil. Flytrap seeds need light to germinate. It can take up to 6-8 weeks before you'll see any leafs if the seeds you have are fresh.
If the seeds are from last year's harvest, it's possible nothing will happen.

If you'd have any more question, I'd recommend joining the forum where a whole bunch of people is eager to answer any questions you might have.

Have a nice day!
#5 0= 2009-05-28 14:58
how deep they need to be underground .
how much time it will be to them have leaves
#4 steve_d 2009-05-25 10:31
This question will get better answers and a greater variety of advice in the Forum here at . A really short answer is-- Venus Flytraps grow better, healthier and more easily outside of a terrarium. It requires expert growing technique to grow them successfully over the long term in a terrarium. The air can get too hot and not move enough, which promotes fungal growth and rot.

Flytraps do not need anything to eat when young. They get all the food and energy they need from sunlight (photosynthesis ) and even when mature they get most or much of their energy from sunlight.

It is better in general to grow Venus Flytraps moist, not wet. Don't keep them soggy all the time. If in a terrarium, there must be a way to drain the water and replace it regularly with fresh water.

Lots more information if you ask in the forum. ;-)
#3 ivette alison 2009-05-25 10:18
i have bought vft from seed and they look happy and young in my terrarium. one question, when shoud i start feeding them flies? i have tried, by cutting off fly parts and placing them in some of the traps mouths (careful to not overfeed). one or two have closed around the parts and eaten them. however, i have noticed, even cut parts are too large. these traps are just babies still.

also, the humdity in the terrarium has caused some of the fly parts to mold. too much humidity? feeding too early? could someone help? much appreciated enlightenment please! PLEASE E-MAIL ME:

with peace...
#2 Niels 2009-05-11 19:05
Great info Steve,
Could you write an article on how to pollinate flowers? ;-)
#1 Raven M. 2009-05-10 12:17
Hi! I bought some Venus Flytrap seeds from a seller on eBay.. enclosed was a very brief set of growing instructions which included a "wet cold stratification" step. I'm very new to growing things from seed, so I followed the vague directions as best I could--the seeds have been in a practically empty fridge in my basement for about 2 weeks. The instructions mentioned setting them on moist peat but made no mention of keeping it moist or leaving it dry. Afraid of them succumbing to rot, I have not re-moistened the peat. After reading your tutorial I'm now left wondering, has this dried out my seeds and damaged them? Is it too late to take them out, warm them up and follow your tutorial?

Thank you very much.. Here's hoping you can help this newbie gardener.


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