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Welcome to the FlyTrapStore!

Customer Service and Testimonials

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I will be telling my friends about your great service ...

I just received my second order from "" and could not be happier ...

Just wanted to personally say thank you for the best plant now in my collection, hands down ...

I have never seen such a healthy plant ...

This is the mother of all excellent sellers! ...

My hobby has progressed a great deal because of both of you ...

Guys, You do a Great Job. Most places do not compare to the quality ...

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the purchase ...

I ordered a few Venus flytraps from another nursery a couple months ago ...

Its like you guys were born to raise these plants ...

Thank You for the awesome Flytraps! ...

The plants I continue to receive from your business are so perfect ...

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Venus Fly traps for sale!

Welcome to the Flytrap Store

Venus FlytrapIn addition to propagating and selling popular and rare Venus Flytrap varieties (cultivars) from around the world, the team at the Flytrap Store is proud to offer some interesting, unusual and superior Venus Flytraps from our own breeding program and tissue-culture lab. We love Venus Flytraps and enjoy making a nice variety of them available to anyone who shares our fascination with these unique little monster-plants. Welcome!
-Matt & Leah. More about us and the Flytrap Store.

To learn about Venus Flytraps and other carnivorous plants and how to grow them, visit the companion site, and join the discussion at the FlytrapCare Forum.

Flytrap Store News

Venus Flytrap Dormancy

Remember that during the fall and winter months Venus fly traps are dormant. During this time of year, roughly November through March, they appear much smaller than during the normal growing season. Plants in dormancy should be provided conditions that allow them to remain dormant until spring. More information about dormancy can be found here: Carnivorous Plants in Dormancy.

DC XL, Monster Venus Flytrap!!


We continue to put DC XL flytraps in stock a few at a time, as they become ready for new homes. There is a one plant limit per customer. The demand for the monstrously giant DC XL Venus fly trap, competing for "the world's largest traps" title with B-52, is extremely high and we're doing our best to propagate and make them available in larger quantities.

2013 Venus Flytrap Seed Harvest

The seed harvest for 2013 is now complete. Get your seeds while they're fresh!
Venus fly trap Seed
And like last year we have a limited supply of the:
Special Red-leafed Dionaea Seed Mix
Fused Tooth x Fused Tooth Dionaea Seed Mix

How To Get The Flytrap(s) You Want

Each week we put almost all of the flytrap cultivars in stock as they meet our very high standards for optimal health, size, and appearance. Most of these flytraps that we put in stock sell out pretty quickly, so if you would like to be one of the first to know when certain plants or any products are back in stock, just visit the webpage for the particular plant(s) or product(s), and click the link near the top of the item's listing that reads, "Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock." You will then be emailed automatically when the item is available again. **Also, you can e-mail Leah at to request an available plant to be potted or bareroot, if it's not listed in the Store to your preference.

Gift Certificates Now Available

Gift Certificates are now available, in multiple denominations.

Find them here! FlytrapStore Gift Certificates

Beautiful new Venus flytrap Book, with our contributions and including our FTS exclusives!

Now available for ordering, after a wait that was definitely worth it. This is a landmark book; the first complete Dionaea book published, including detailed descriptions and beautiful colorful photos of over 100 cultivars from around the world, including many descriptions written and edited by us, and including many of our exclusive FTS cultivars. Signed and unsigned copies are available. It's a beautiful and comprehensive reference book, definitely worth owning.

Dionaea book; Venus fly trap Book

Flytrap Store Lab

We are always adding exceptional and unique cultivars to our line-up, and working hard to make them available to you. We've got exciting cultivars in the works, always something to look forward to! Here are examples of new cultivars in development, from the Flytrap Store Breeding Program and Flytrap Store Lab ....

"Which Venus Flytrap Should I Buy?"

We have so many, how to choose? You might want to choose based on what you don't have yet in your collection. Or maybe you are looking for a certain characteristic- our flytraps are sorted in the Store by some characteristics. Flytraps can vary a lot- for example, by color, rosetted or upright growth, "teeth" type, overall color, trap interior color, and more. Here are Matt and Leah's Top-10 lists of current Favorite Venus Flytraps.

Get Notified When Plants are Back in Stock!

Although it may sometimes seem as though we are perpetually out of stock of certain Venus Flytrap cultivars, it's often just that the plants become ready for sale a few at a time and are sold out very quickly. So if you would like to know when a plant or any product is back in stock, simply visit the webpage for that particular plant or product here at, and click the link near the top of the item's listing that reads, "Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock." You will then be e-mailed automatically when the item is available again!


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New Venus Flytrap Book!

Venus fly trap book

Shipping Information

SHIPPING— Orders from within the United States are generally shipped 1-3 days after being placed, based on practical considerations such as plants' time in transit. A tracking number is provided (with few exceptions) by email when the package ships. Delivery is 2-5 days after shipment.

For questions about your order or problem resolution, please read the Customer Service page.

For concerns about the care of your plant(s) please visit's sister website, and Join the FlytrapCare Forum to ask questions, post photos and share your experiences with growers from around the world.

Wholesale & International Orders

We do accept some wholesale and bulk orders of Venus Flytraps, arranged privately by email and considered on an individual basis. More Information About Wholesale & Bulk Orders ...

International sales— sells and ships some items to destinations outside the United States, including seeds and plants in sterile tissue-culture containers. Our international website is here: International