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I will be telling my friends about your great service ...

I just received my second order from "" and could not be happier ...

Just wanted to personally say thank you for the best plant now in my collection, hands down ...

I have never seen such a healthy plant ...

This is the mother of all excellent sellers! ...

My hobby has progressed a great deal because of both of you ...

Guys, You do a Great Job. Most places do not compare to the quality ...

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the purchase ...

I ordered a few Venus flytraps from another nursery a couple months ago ...

Its like you guys were born to raise these plants ...

Thank You for the awesome Flytraps! ...

The plants I continue to receive from your business are so perfect ...

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Giant Flytraps

Venus Fly Traps at

GIANTS! These Venus Flytraps were bred or selected for their very large traps!

"Which Venus Flytrap should I buy?" We offer a lot of different Venus Flytraps at It can be confusing for new enthusiasts to determine which to buy, so each of us has made a top-ten list of our own favorite Venus Flytraps to consider. List of favorite Venus Flytraps

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This is it! THE LARGEST TRAPS WE'VE EVER SEEN! The challenger to B52 for the "world's largest traps" title. Out of the thousands of flytraps we have growing here at FlytrapStore, DC XL grows the largest traps of any flytrap we've ever grown. The first traps in spring are usually the largest and can approach 2 inches in size on a fully grown DC XL flytrap. In addition to being ginormous for a Venus flytrap, DC XL is also an extraordinarily hardy grower, more than any other type we know of. DC XL is a handsome hardy monster flytrap, and we learn to love it more and more as we watch it grow over the seasons.

A giant monster of a plant. Grow one and judge for yourself! The "XL," in case it wasn't obvious, stands for X-tra Large. NOTE: The demand for DC XL is very high and supplies are extremely limited. We are propagating and growing DC XL as fast as we can to attempt to meet the very high demand. Learn More

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FTS Towering Giant
Out of stock
Limited Reserve Plant. "FTS Towering Giant" is our newest release in the line of giant Venus flytraps we carry. This elongated monster flytrap creates spring leaves that can reach over 7 inches in length! Couple this with larger-than-average sized traps, and it's definitely an attention well as an insect nabber!!! Learn More

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El Gecko's Large Traps
Out of stock
Grown from seed, named and distributed by carnivorous plant community member "elgecko" way back in 2004, this giant flytrap is capable of getting traps over 1.7 inches; definitely "giant" by any measure! Learn More

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FTS Maroon Monster
Out of stock
FTS Maroon Monster, a Flytrap Store exclusive Venus Flytrap. Developed by the Flytrap Store breeding program, the FTS Maroon Monster is a superior red-leafed Venus Flytrap, with extra-large Traps, vigorous growth and deep red color. (See full description for details and comparison with other red-leafed Venus Flytraps.) Learn More

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Out of stock
The Megatraps Venus Flytrap (also called G17) is a clone with large traps that is able to obtain excellent coloration. Learn More

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Out of stock
Wally is an exceptionally colorful Venus flytrap that sports year-round ground hugging leaves and traps. Additionally, it tends to clump and divide a lot and grows with excellent vigor. Learn More

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Dingley Giant
A large-trapped Venus fly trap cultivar, "Dingley Giant", grows low and rosetted, resembling a king's crown. This is a hardy and good-looking cultivar, a great one for beginners or those who prefer rosette growers. Learn More

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B52 is the famous "world's largest traps" Venus Flytrap, though it may be dethroned from this title by the newly released DC XL Venus fly trap. In addition to being big, it's also a vigorous grower and often very colorful with deep red traps. Learn More

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Southwest Giant
Southwest Giant is a large-trapped Venus Flytrap clone. Learn More

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Low Giant
The Low Giant Venus Flytrap clone is a spectacular plant that produces very large traps (rivaling even the B52) with broad leaves that grow prostrate (near the ground) year round in dense rosettes. It often develops a very deep red color in the traps. Learn More

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Also known as "Slack's Giant", G16 is a giant Venus flytrap clone with excellent deep red coloration on the interior of the traps. An absolute stunner of a plant! Late in the year this flytrap always draws our eyes to it with the excellent coloration and extremely large traps. One of our favorite flytraps here at the FlytrapStore, G16 is highly recommended for any flytrap collection! Learn More

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Big Vigorous
Out of stock
Big Vigorous is an unusually robust Venus Flytrap that in addition to a vigorous growth habit, produces large and often very colorful traps. Learn More

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Dutch Delight
Voted the best commercial Venus Flytrap in the Netherlands in 2005, Dutch Delight matures into a large plant with big traps! Learn More

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FTS Etna
FTS Etna was selected from among hundreds of seedlings in the Flytrap Store breeding program for its outstanding large traps and vigorous growth. It is a very attractive and extraordinarily hardy Venus flytrap, great for beginners and collectors alike. Learn More

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The "A2" is the impressive attractive sibling of the very popular 'B52' Venus flytrap variety, originally named "A1" by grower Henning von Schmeling, which is well-known for its extraordinarily large traps. The traps of "A2" easily rival the 'B52' in size. In coloring, the "A2" can develop brightly red-hued trap interiors, moreso than its 'B52' sibling. Learn More

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Big Mouth
Out of stock
The Big Mouth Venus Flytrap is prized for its large traps, deep color and neat growth habit. Unlike most Venus Flytraps that grow taller and thinner during the summer and can look a little "leggy" and unkempt, Big Mouth's leaves grow prostrate in a neat rosette close to the ground year round. Learn More

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A favorite of everyone at, Jaws is a vicious looking large-trapped Venus Flytrap, the result of a cross between Dentate Traps and a vigorous typical. In addition to the traps being extra-large, they are often a deep, bloody red. Learn More

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