TED Radio Hour and Venus Flytraps

What do these two things have in common?  Well, they’re both awesome, for one.  Also, recently I’ve been listening to TED Radio Talk podcasts while I’m potting and working with the Flytraps, time flies, and together these things give me hope for people and plants and this planet.  I learn all kinds of wonderful things, like if Earth’s history were 1 calendar year long, humans have been on the planet since 12:59.59 on New Year’s Eve.  We sure have done a lot in less than 1 second of this planet’s history, wow.  I also learned that trees talk to one another through yellow-ish thread-like fungi filaments, underground, and share things, like gases and nutrients.  And that there are “mother” trees, and they tend to funnel more good stuff to the trees that are more closely related to them.  Nature is truly amazing.

About Leah Miller

I'm Leah, "flytrap whisperer" or so I like to think, who is actually trained as a Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist. I think that people who like Venus Flytraps are the best kind of people, and it makes me so happy to make them happy!

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