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By IHaveNoIdea
Posts:  536
Joined:  Tue Sep 23, 2014 5:28 pm
Ok, I guess it's time for me to introduce myself a bit more. :)

My name is Mirek. I live on the north of the Czech republic, which means I'm supposed to be poor, sad and half german. Thankfully I'm neither of that. :P
My hobbies are CPs of course, PC games, books, an air rifle and my car. I know it sounds like I'm a regular nerd, but I'm not smart enough for that. :D I don't study IT although I know a bit about it. I study tourism.. well I did. I finished one college, sort of. I have something that is in CR almost on the same level as the bachelor degree, but I will attend another college in Prague next year and get the bachelor degree anyway. I speak czech of course, a little bit of german and english. Right, you don't have to ask me whether I understand or not.And if I don't, the fault is mostly on your side. :?
In future I would like to visit the US.. hell, I've always wanted to visit the US. Or just the North America generally (it must be warm there though). :mrgreen: My uncle went to Vancouver some (many) years ago and lived there. He is a fcking idiot and I've never liked him, but this is really something I would like to achieve too.

And I don't know what else to tell you about me so here just my photo (god, is there a way to shrink the photo?)
11760296_10203202015291599_5885411060186661216_n.jpg (96.38 KiB) Viewed 9391 times
By IHaveNoIdea
Posts:  536
Joined:  Tue Sep 23, 2014 5:28 pm
Jellybean1 wrote:Depends where you plan to go though o-o' In the Four Corners area its pretty hot right now :P
It doesn't have to be Mojave, 70°F is ideal :mrgreen:
By Jellybean1
Posts:  281
Joined:  Mon Jul 06, 2015 4:35 am
Well,I guess I can do this.Im a female being from UT and I have a few hobbys..More like obbsessions.I'm into CP's of course,Pokemon,Yu-Gi-Oh!,and Science and GAMES.I really sound like the typical nerd.But I'm actually terrible at math and anything that involves patience and thinking for a while.The games I like are FNAF,Call of duty,Battlefield,Deadpool,And Sims 1,2,3 and 4 :).
-And I'm a artist,I can barely draw on a computer but Im good on paper and with a simple pencil,I am a book writer,I have written multiple fan-books,I have 2 finished ones and about 10 unfinished ones o-o.Half of them are Harry Potter and Warrior cats
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By HeliamphoraWalnut
Posts:  1764
Joined:  Wed Feb 04, 2015 2:10 am
Ok, this thread is a little old , but who cares? My name is Dylan, I live in Plano, Texas . ( next to Dallas)
I love growing cp's
And have a dog, and that's it.
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By senti
Posts:  37
Joined:  Mon Sep 14, 2015 1:05 pm
Well here I am ... this is me a nut shell ..

I was born and raised in North London (uk) love all animals & birds

Later joined a horticultural society .. for many years organised horticultural shows, exhibited many different plants & specialised in exhibiting and growing Primula Auricula. Was also a member of the Guild of Horticultural Show Judges. Did a garden design course & my last flower show I was a small part of was the very first Hampton Court International Flower Show. That was way back in 1990 !!! One of the areas I was responsible for in the show had a wonderful display of carnivorous plants. I decided then to try my hand at growing them ...

In 1999 & moved to Scotland ... its cold here

My day job was working in various garden centres .. my other day job is an artist. Whilst I have lived in Scotland I have completed my BA hons in Fine Art, and had a horse fall on my foot .. Now I edit a garden art e-magazine.

Been married to my soul mate for 19 years.. no plans to trade him in :)

My Art work is based on the book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson and the writings of Plato. It is an observation of the horticultural trade pushing no end of products to kill .. herbicides, pesticides, fungicides ... if your looking to kill anything then your first stop should be a garden centre ! My art is also about creating immortality for the subjects I photograph. I have a few books with my art work in.
I don't think its allowed to put my magazine or personal web site, but if your interested PM me.
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By dutchplantlover
Posts:  234
Joined:  Tue Aug 18, 2015 10:53 am
Well i guess i have to do this at some point so here it goes.

I am duco. I am 15 years old and live in holland (beesd to be precise). I have always loved growing stuff like herbs and fruit and vegetables. I kinda was ( am being) raised like that. My father has a thing for bonsai so i guess that is where my passion came from.

I obviously am obsessed with growing cp's but i also like to cube( solve a rubiks cube) game, watch tv and work in the zoo.
The zoo i work in is fairly small but has a lot of cool animals that no one has ever seen like a grison.
So thats me in short terms.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn GT-I9300 met Tapatalk
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By Mufasa
Posts:  858
Joined:  Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:45 am
I'm 23, from australia, live at home & studying at the moment, i have some savings, and i hope one day to own a house (or atleast mortgage one), and build a big greenhouse on the property, so i can start a small home/hobby business growing CP's, i don't think the AU market is too saturated when it comes to CP's

also vegan, and i exercise alot... i basically will be living to 150.

i have some interests in software engineering, and conservation biology... still no real idea what i will end up doing (how do people decide??)

that's it
By Bradari
Posts:  293
Joined:  Mon Sep 14, 2015 9:23 am
Ok well here goes.
My name is Avril, im from south africa , Gauteng. I have 2 gorgeous little boys aged 6 and 8.
Currently work at an electronics repair company, not what i wish i was doing but ive been here forever and will stay here for ever i guess.
Love my cp's and Bonsai although i gave up on Bonsai. Hoping to expand my little Cp collection and start selling to my surrounding area cause no one near me supplies Cp's.
By bitsnpcs
Posts:  28
Joined:  Wed Feb 24, 2016 12:58 am
My name is Bik, also called Jade, how ever people prefer. I was adopted, born China, I grow in England. My parents mom is alive, dad is died a few years. I have 3 sisters, I have 2 brothers, I am youngest. Pets I have tropical freshwater fishes. I am not married, and I do not have any children.
I study Herbal Medicine Level 5. I learn become practitioner for TCM* (Traditional Chinese Medicine), European Herbal Medicine, Western Herbalism (USA), Ayurveda (Indian Herbalism).
*modern TCM, it is no animal products, that is very good :)
Level 5 it is the highest practitioner qualification in all these course I learn. Is nothing higher in UK, EU, North America, Australia, South Africa, India, it can be higher in TCM it means to do 2 years at Beijing it then does mean you also have MD Phd.
I am 100% A grades student to currently, including practicals, written (take me a long time to get nice), assignment, essay, experiments.

I was at crew, moderator, global moderator, librarian, admin, global admin at different times.
Next I do USA social network I do Tier 1 moderator, final decision person to 11 million of they accounts.
Next I help develop website, forum, social network for youths at UK, I agree to do that 4 months,global moderator, and later times global admin. Site it became award winning, it won from ITV (national tv stations) lifetime hosting, won V-inspired award from Virginmedia (UK biggest ISP) prize monies and server space, and HRH Prince of Wales give funding.
Next I did fix Big Society website, web designers they got stuck, boss of charity, I fix that, he write click by click, then ask me unfix.
Next I was at Linux forum, here I did help other novice like myself, when I know or can find the answers online searching, also I begin and did maintain lists from Linux community members of Linux alternatives to windows software, it was way to try be improve at social with community. Also I did do music thread most days, Linux :ugeek: they love music, it encourage me to make Linux project, I did mix of music using Linux and open source software, other members I see in art section they draw, it encourage me to try a that too, I did some photo edits, also I did digitally paint impressionist one, make wallpapers and 2-3 banners.
Also I did design and make good make-up colour pads, I do it to include from applications of light artificial and shadow, and daylight, then I did make the gradients at the pad so it can be chosen to make very real digital adjustment make-up colour without use other colours to make it look natural light, it was the pad having shades from pics of light reflections at edges and main at middle, I done the eye shadows, blushers, and lipstick. It was popular 5000 people did downloaded it in under few hours, include a model agencies, model studios, photo editors, and studios, it made me have a big smile and happy it was useful for people.

I have a 4 desktop computer, 2 is Windows, 2 is Linux.
I like Mr.Robot show is interesting to me, not much at tv is interesting to me, I watch 1 hours or none tv per week. I think in Mr.Robot, Evil Corp is Apple, he just don't wanna get sued.
I don't like anything touch screen.
My kindle have a touch screen its difficult, I fall asleep then to make wake up and go and clean hands before sleep again, but then I am awake again lol. I dont use a phones much, only I did send 5 sms ever. I dont use a social networks, only to accounts when I was doing that.
I love dancing, I love watch dancing. I only dance at home or in rooms my family let me have to practice at their venues.
I like music, reggae often, some other musics by randomness, some classical musics I like too I don't listen it much I dont know what I will like to search that.

I like meditate, I do one bodyscan for relax reduce anxiety, also I do meditation pathworkings, also I do Buddhist mindfulness meditation I practice in the temple at a class guided by ordained person. I cannot do metta, I tried it 1 time at class it was very hard, it unsettle me a lot, I need to improve more.

I do not drink alcohol, drunken peoples they make me nervous or frightened.
I like running, swimming, obstacles, walking.
I like watch womens MMA atom category is super fast, if it is available, not available much on tv 1 or 2 time in 1 year.

I hope it give some ideas of who are you really.
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By Sakaaaaa
Posts:  1021
Joined:  Thu May 12, 2016 2:18 pm
Thought I'd join in :D

Hello my name is Saka (Thats my middle name) I am
12 and I live in the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia. Search it up. I have bronchitis but I got time for that. I git my first CP when I was 5, it was a Nepenthes Rafflesiana from a local nursery (that thankfully is still up!!). I then moved to the US shortly after, I went to Fort Collins, CO because my dad was in a university there. I then got my second CP, an Akai Ryu from eBay, which died for some reason. I gave my nep to my grandmother if you were wondering, (She fertilized it). I stayed in the us for about 3.5 years. I then got a N. Mirabilis which died because of root rot. After the Nepenthes I got a 50 gallon saltwater tank. After that, I got my current Nepenthes after a trip to Borobudur Temple. It was when I got my Nep that I joined flytrapcare in hopes of identifying it.

My other hobbies include reefing (Saltwater tank), gaming, coding, and Conway's Game of Life.

Recent online tests in school with my friends indicate that I am a mild deutian (mild red-green colorblind especially in low light).
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