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I was also wondering, are the people who win always master photographers with amazing cameras? )

I've got a Canon Powershot SD1400 and I won 3rd place in the last photo contest. :D
I'm definitely no master photographer either, I just spend a lot of time playing with my camera.

Hehehe, i have a crap camera and i never get a prize :lol:
Tho', my plants never look that good for the contests :(

Aww why not? :( Just bad timing?
By jht-union
I thought the contest ended on Friday 13, 2011. :( :( i was planning on putting the pic on the last day, but i see the contest is already over. :(. I must have gotten days confused :( ;(

Well i guess next time will do, good luck to the submitters! :)
By Darkrai283
Sorry to hear that jht-union. But I wouldn't get the date confused as Friday the 13th cuz my friends was born on that day and he had his 12th b-day last year which was on Friday the 13th and there is the same date on the calendar very 12 years sooooo.... Yh
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