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By That one plant boi
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So after several years I finally decided to get back into succulents!
Today, I got these little guys at Walmart for 2.97 each. I just couldn't pass them up.
Though, the tags don't name the species, they just say cacti. So, I was hoping any of you guys could help identify them for me, and possibly list their care requirements?

When I get them repotted, I'll put them outside with my other few succulents, but I was wondering if the temperature would be appropriate for them. I live in Central florida, so summer temps get pretty hot (over 95F constantly). I know a lot of cacti come from places even hotter, but I just need confirmation to ease my mind, lol.


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By MaxVft
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Sorry, I have never grown cacti before. But while searching for clues as to the species, I found this species identifier(if you have time to go through the whole thing lol): ... -pictures/
It has 1,000 I believe(judging on the title of the website).
Hope this helps,
By DragonsEye
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Your heat and sun they'll be fine with -- just remember to harden them off properly. Your humidity, on the other hand, will very possibly be an issue. I would suggest repotting them into a coarse, inorganic media. Should help you avoid the media staying too wet too long.
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By evenwind
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Don't know about the tall one but the I think the round one with the sparse spines is a gymnocalcycium, probably G. baldianum. The fuzzy round one is likely a mammilaria but it will be easier to tell if you can get it to flower (mamms have a ring of small flowers around the crown, most non-mamms usually have one or two really large flowers.)
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