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By uxleumas
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Hi, I started some cape sundews from seed at around the middle if february or sometime close to that. My sundew, very well fed and growing nicely started growing something that is fuzzy all around and has a split head. i'm 99% sure it's not mold but less sure about what it is. could it be bug damage? the other leaves look fine though. it recently got a lot of bright light as i upgraded my lighting. i feed each and every leaf on there that has dew, (i know i really shouldn't do that)even the ones that still aren't done uncurling the tenticals. it seems quite young to bear flowers since most do that at 1 years old or 2 years old, or so i've heard. now i just took another good look at it and it seems that there are a few green bulbs. oh, and the stem of the leaf/flower is round and fuzzy and splits into two at the end. is it likely that what i have is a flower stalk? and should i cut it or not? the plant looks quite healthy with lots ofthe new leafs getting red tenticals. any suggestions? feel free to ask any questions.
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By Shadowtski
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Drosera capensis flower scape looks like a fuzzy watchspring uncoiling.
Here's a photo of the flower scape first appearing on D. 'Hercules'.
It's identical to capensis in appearance.

D Hercules Flower Scape 002 DSC08181.JPG
D Hercules Flower Scape 002 DSC08181.JPG (1.64 MiB) Viewed 1209 times
By hungry carnivores
On Drosera, Utricularia, Sarracenia, and basically any other carnivore except VFT's I do not cut the stalk. I cut my capensis stalks purely because I do not want capensis babies everywhere, I like nice, clean pots. (I even bare root California Carnivores plants so I don't get the stowaways).

Here's a quick guide per genus.

Nepenthes - Don't cut this! Seeds are rare and hard to come by, and you can attempt cool crosses.
Heliamphora - Same as Nepenthes, but the flowers are also very pretty.
Utricularia - Keep em to enjoy, they're very nice flowers. Some better than orchids.
Pinguicula - Let them bloom, sometimes you can cut a few if your plant is sending up several.
Drosera - Cut the stalk if it's a weedy species and you don't want babies. Otherwise, let it grow. Annuals like Burmanii will die, so maybe trim it.
Byblis - Let it flower - Most are annuals anyways.
Drosophyllum - Let it flower. Most die after setting seed, so best to get propagative material while it lasts.
Genislea - Same as Utricularia
Sarracenia and Darlingtonia - Always let it flower so you can get the seeds.
Bromeliads and other plants - Research!
And lastly, the VFT - If you're going to feed it, don't cut it. If you want seeds, don't cut it. If neither A or B is true, Cut it.

And there you go!
Your answer plus a guide to many others about the age old CP question - "To cut or not to cut" :D .
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By Supercazzola
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hungry carnivores wrote: Sarracenia and Darlingtonia - Always let it flower so you can get the seeds.
I would disagree if the sarracenia has recently been divided. I lost a psittacina that I allowed to flower as soon as I got it, and I believe the energy it made into sending that flower stalk up could have been better used healing from its recent separation/division.

Just my two cents, but I feel like your rules are good for established plants only.
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By Panman
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I agree. For anything that has recently been divided, clip the flower (as much as that hurts) and allow the plant to use its energy healing.
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