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List the plants you grow

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By uxleumas
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Joined:  Thu May 07, 2020 5:30 pm
* = able to trade whole plant(may be grown from cuttings) ' = able to trade cuttings (will mention if it is established) #= free cuttings (send SASE) x= non-tradeable ? = undecided ^ = depends which plant. the price is also listed
Symbols may be combined using parenthasis, so "*^" means able to trade whole plant, but depends on the plant.
• Drosera Capensis (typical) /// * ' # 5$/piece
• 3 Nepenthes Tapioca, the very small one is up for trade. most are from cuttings/// *^ 25$/piece 10$ for the small one
• lots of flytraps 2 from desertllama (typicals) /// (^*) ' 10$/piece (i shouldn't sell them though since they were gifted...)
• Drosera Intemedia /// #
• Drosera nidiformis /// ' * 2$/piece (not sure, may have died since i have some plants which i think are capes but could be something else)
• Sarracenia seeds sown /// x (only one grew, also from seed bank)
• Drosera Capensis (albino) /// ' * 2$/piece
• Gr¨un flytrap /// ' not for sale
contact or p.m me (best to do that)

previously owned but died:
Cobra lily (seeds didn't sprout)
Pinguicula Lusitanica (fungus gnat and root rot)
Flytraps (some died)
bladderwort (never sprouted)
Non-Carnovorus plants that I have
• string of pearls/// ' * # . 3$/piece
• chinese money plant (lilypad like succulent) /// '
• loads and loads of succulents /// ' * # 0.5$/piece
• cactus /// x (too hard to ship and is findable almost anywhere)
• Lithops/// ?
• chia /// # 1$/5grams of seeds
• Aloe /// '
• flower bulb /// x
• sensitive plant (known as Mimosa pudica, touch me not, shy plant, and shame plant, leaves fold up when touched)///* 1$/10 seeds
• other plants I forgot about /// ?
• any type, age, size, and color of sarracenia (currently have one)
• any type, age, size, and color of nepenthes (currently have 4)
• any type, age, size, and color of pings/butterworts (currently 0)
• any type, age, size, and color of bladderworts (currently have 0, seeds died)
• any plants (will see)
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By Ben Goudge
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Joined:  Fri Apr 24, 2020 3:38 pm
PM me a pic of ur nep and I might be able to identify it.
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