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By alexsunny123
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If I'm reading correctly, they have a dormancy period. Is this right? If so, is it crucial that they go through it? The reason I'm asking is that these guys are pretty small and I've only had them out of their death cubes a few days. I am reluctant to chuck them outside for dormancy.

Of note, I have an open aquarium with the Darlintonia, Neps and some orchids. The aquarium is to protect them from my mean cat. It's in front of a large SW facing window. There is a CFL over them. They get lots of air. In the bottom of the aquarium, i have some glass pebbles and water up to the level of the top of the pebbles. All of my plants are out of the water except the Darlingonias. Their pots are resting on the pebbles. They seem very happy like that and have been doing a lot of growing.

So back to my question. Do they need to have a dormancy or can they stay inside this year while they grow, and go outside next year.

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By ChefDean
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This has been a debate, sometimes heated, for many types of temperate carnivorous plants.
Short answer yes, they need a dormancy.
Long answer, they have evolved over millions of years to the environment that they're naturally in. This includes a winter dormancy so that they can rest for long term health of the plant. You can provide artificial light and supplemental feeding to trick the plant into staying active and skip dormancy, but why would you want to push up against what these plants naturally do?
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By steve booth
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They are temperate plants and have evolved to have a dormant period, my feeling is (I dont know of any studies where they have been grown without dormancy) that without it they will decline and die eventually.
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By Shadowtski
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Commercial plants coming from Tissue Culture production are usually not in synch with the natural growing seasons.

My suggestion is skip dormancy this Winter, keep it growing under lights, indoor.
In Spring, when it's warm enough, move the plant outside.
That will synch it with Mother Nature's rhythm.
Next Winter, it should go dormant on its own at the proper time.
Skipping one dormancy doesn't seem to injure plants too much.

Just my 02¢ worth.

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By Apollyon
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Yeah, you can skip the first year of dormancy on virtually any plant. I had some Darlingtonia sprouts I left overwinter inside.

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