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Photos of carnivorous plants other than the Venus Flytrap

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Drosera regia Help!!!

Got it. I will be re potting today I will wait f[…]

Pest control insecticides /aphids

Neem oil is the best natural control for aphids on[…]

Sarracenia hybrid???

Looks like a leuco cross to me.

My little rotundifolia.

Beautiful little plant. Good job. :D Thank you! […]

Cape Sundew Death???

Do you have any pictures? Those would help very mu[…]

Grow Shelf Critiques

Only time will tell how good your set up is. I per[…]

0119 Hurtrus requests Sarr 008

Order received. Your order number is 0119. I'll PM[…]

Request changed to reflect new choice. Order rec[…]

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