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By Cory
Yeah I'll probably keep them bagged for 2-3 weeks then slowly acclimate them to 80% RH. I'm so happy! :)

They will do very well in 80% RH

Once you see new growth start snipping corners off the bag. After a few weeks the bag should be all cut up and you can take it off permanently.
Shouldn't have any setback at all this way

Looks good brunoL

Macro is a fairly fast grower. Should be decent sized without to long of a wait.

Glad to see everyone's plants. Everything looks great.
By ruruanta
beautiful guys beautiful plants!
Anyway since you guys bought from wistuba, anyone knows the difference between clipeata 2, 3 and U ? Perhaps somebody here already have it?

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By killerplants4realz
All potted up!

Het x ionasii






This one prob looks the worst, both the new pitchers were broken off :( hopefully it recovers okay

Spec. nov Akopan


Neblinae (new pitcher a little broken :( )

Very nice plants Megan!!
By katya_dog1
You got a Trusmadiensis! Wow! I can't wait to see how that plant matures. Please keep us updated.
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By nimbulan
Heliamphora minor, Auyan Tepui, Venezuela
Heliamphora heterodoxa, Gran Sabana

Both are growing without elevated humidity, next to all my sundews. The minor has been very very slow, while the heterodoxa has been sending up immature pitchers nonstop. You can't really tell at this point that it lost 3/4 of its pitchers after I planted it.

Also I thought I'd share the method I developed for humidity adjustment. Nurseries that ship plants potted tend to put a clear plastic cup on top of the pot to protect the plant. I had a bunch of those sitting around waiting to be recycled and since they're the perfect size for these pots, I thought I'd put them to use. I just cut the bottom off (depending on how tall the cup is you could cut up to halfway up the cup) and then cover the hole with plastic wrap. Then you can poke holes in / remove the plastic wrap as normal, and finally remove the cup entirely. It makes a nice rigid structure so you don't have to worry about bags collapsing on your plant.

The only issue I've run into with this method so far is with a Utricularia calycifida which has grown a flower stalk a foot and a half tall up through the next shelf so I can't remove the cup without damaging it. It's also starting to lift the cup off the top of the pot with new growth. I think I need a bigger pot...
By KissMegan
That's a great humidity adjustment method. Didn't think about doing that before :)
Oh gosh don't tell me about calycifida flower stalks. One of mine was like 2 feet. Got so long it no longer went straight up, just hung over
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By nimbulan
Well I didn't take a picture of my heterodoxa before I divided it, but here's two large divisions I sold (I kept a slightly smaller one.) Unfortunately my H. minor kinda looks terrible right now.


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