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By Matt
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linton wrote:But if I'm not mistaken, in their natural habitat Cobras can be found growing in full sun on fairly exposed sites.
You're not mistaken Linton. They're often found growing on sloping hillsides that are very exposed and have no trees, only low growing shrubs. However, there are some stands of wild Darlingtonia that grow in more densely wooded areas where they'd received dappled sunlight throughout the day, though this doesn't seem to be the norm.
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By sPacer
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Here in town they grow both in 100% shade in standing water at the wayside, and I have photos of another stand where they grow on a lakeside on a clay shelf, man that ground is solid and these plants are in full sun for most of the day, with southern exposure. I know that the pH of these sites varies as well, but I'm not sure of the exact numbers.
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By tommyr
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IIRC there are 2 types, Mountain and coastal. That may explain the light differences....
By Jaren117
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how do you do the tissue culture matt i would like to grow cobra lilys and venus flytraps fast
By sekler
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Wow, great post,

I'm thinking about one of them but it seems like most of the articles on the internet are saying that it's is perhaps the hardest CP to grow.

I'm a newbie so I feared a little and didn't want it to die on me.

I guess basically it's really to make sure that the roots stay cool...

I could possibly find a white pot, inside another white pot that has perlite or some type of insulation material on the sides (to prevent the transfer of heat) ?
By cbennett4041
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Do as Lazarus and resurrect, lost thread!

Just thought it would be pertinent to link to a growing project I will be pursuing over the next few months (or years hopefully). This is my attempt at growing D. californica in Southeast Missouri.

I hope we as a global community can get the fine touches of Darling culture worked out so that all can enjoy this marvelous plant.

By Astral_Revenant
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During dormancy, how much water should they be flushed with? Better yet, during winter, spring, summer, fall, how much water per day flowing through them would suffice? Have a good one, all! :mrgreen:

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