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Submit a photo to enter the contest or vote for your favorite photo submission

Moderator: Matt

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By Matt
Voting will be open for ten days. Each user gets up to three votes and once the votes are cast, they can't be changed. Good luck to all the entrants! Yet again, there are many great photos in the running. Seeing the outcome will be exciting :)

Each of the options are clickable so you can view them directly here or go directly to the official submission thread and view them there:

Unfortunately I had to leave out Brie's Darlingtonia californica because she has not been a FlytrapCare forum member long enough to enter the photo contest.
By David F
Some good ones guys! Good luck to all! :P
Sorry to do this guys, but snapperhead51 had a late submission right at the time I closed the contest. I decided to let him sneak it in. If you've already voted, you'll have to vote again. My apologies...

Phew !! Glad i check the thread again or my vote would not have counted !!! :P

Hope there were not a lot of votes cast already ... :?

Some people who might not know that they need to re-vote. :shock:
By David F
Haha, at least the picture slipped in wasn't some blurry sad little picture :)

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