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By PeatMoss
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Peatmoss's growlist


South African:
D. slackii (seedlings) [ICPS] (September, 2011)
D. regia (seedling) [ICPS] (January, 2011)
D. capensis "narrow" [ICPS] (January, 2011)
D. nidiformis [keehns carnivores] (November, 2010)
D. aliciae [keehns carnivores] (November, 2010)
D. capensis "typical" [hawaiian botanicals] (March, 2011)
D. venusta [keehns carnivores] (May, 2011)
D. madagascariensis [keehns carnivores] (May, 2011)
D. capensis "albino" (seedlings) [bonfield] (August, 2011)
D. capensis "red" (seedlings) [bonfield] (August, 2011)
D. dielsania (seedlings) [bonfield] (August, 2011)

North America:
D. capillaris [quebec carnivores] {unknown location} (May, 2011)
D. filiformis [quebec carnivores] {unknown location} (May, 2011)
D. filliformis "Florida red" (seedlings) [bonfield] (August, 2011)
D. intermedia "Cuba" (seedlings) [bonfield] (August, 2011)
D. anglica "Hawaii" [bonfield] (October, 2011)
D. capillaris "long arm, Belem" [bonfield] (September, 2011)
D. rotundifolia (weed) [keehns carnivores] (September, 2011)

South America:
D. sessifolia [bonfield] (October, 2011)

Australia and Asia:
D. adelae [unknown] (September, 2010)
D. spatulata [keehns carnivores] {unknown location, pink flower} (November, 2010)
D. spatulata [keehns carnivores} {Gold Coast, Queensland} (May, 2011)
D. tokaiensis [keehns carnivores] (May, 2011)
D. oblanceolata [keehns carnivores] (May, 2011) -Not, actually D. sp. lantau island hybrid
D. binata "Coromandel, NZ" (seedlings) [ICPS] (August, 2011)
D. multifida "extrema" [bonfield] (October, 2011)
D. burmanii "Beerawah, Australia" (seedlings) [ICPS] (August, 2011)
D. burmanii (seedlings) [bonfield] (August, 2011)
D. schizandra [bonfield] (October, 2011)
D. indica (seedlings) [ICPS] (January, 2011)

Petiolaris Complex:
D. ordensis [keehns carnivores] (May, 2011)
D. falconeri [keehns carnivores] (September, 2011)
D. derbyensis [keehns carnivores] (September, 2011)
D. paradoxa [keehns carnivores] (September, 2011)

Pygmy Drosera:
D. pygmaea "green" [bonfield] (November, 2011)

Drosophyllum lusitanicum (seed- never germinated, gave up) [flytrapstore] {unknown location} (February, 2011- May, 2011)

N. X ventrata [unknown] (September, 2010)
N. rafflesiana [keehns carnivores] (May, 2011)
N. veitchii [quebec carnivores] (May, 2011)
N. rafflesiana var. alata [bonfield] (November, 2011)
N. (ampullaria x mirabillis) x (ampullaria x mirabillis var. globosa) [ICPS] (December, 2011)
N. (gracillis x ampullaria) x mirabillis var. globosa [ICPS] (December, 2011)

C. follicularis "typical" [keehns carnivores] (November, 2010)

S. x (unknown hybrid) [colisanti farms] (September, 2010)
S. psittacina [hawaiian botanicals] (March, 2011)
S. purpurea subsp. venosa [quebec carnivores] (May, 2011)
S. minor (seedlings) [ICPS] (September, 2011)

Dionaea. "typical" [colisanti farms] (Various dates)
Dionaea. "B52" [keehns carnivores] (May, 2011)
Dionaea. "Red Dragon" [keehns carnivores] (May, 2011)
Dionaea. "Scarlet Bristle" [keehns carnivores] (May, 2011)

P. moranensis [hawaiian botanicals] (March, 2011)
P. cyclosecta [keehns carnivores] (May, 2011)
P. moranensis "04" [montreal botanical gardens gift shop] (May, 2011)
P. gigantea [31drew31] (July, 2011)
P. primuliflora [titom] (September, 2011)
P. "Pachuca" [bonfield] (October, 2011)
P. emarginata x esserania [bonfield] (November, 2011)
P. emarginata [bonfield] (November, 2011)
P. "John Rizzi" [bonfield] (November, 2011)
P. rotundiflora x moctezumae [bonfield] (November, 2011)

U. sandersonii [hawaiian botanicals] (March, 2011)
U. longifolia [bonfield] (May, 2011)
U. longifolia (seedlings) [ICPS] (August, 2011)
U. calycifidia [bonfield] (August, 2011)
U. prehensilis [bonfield] (August, 2011)
U. pubescens "Serra Caraca" [bonfield] (November, 2011)
U. reniformis [bonfield] (November, 2011)

Darlingtonia californica {keehns carnivores] (May, 2011)

S. debile [bonfield] (July, 2011)
S. adenatum [bonfield] (November, 2011)

G. lobata x violacea [titom] (September, 2011)
G. aurea "Itacaramba" [bonfield] (October, 2011)

D. hamiltonii (Most wanted)
D. peltata
Any South American Droseras
Sarracenia flava

Dead Plants
D. capensis "red" (seedlings) [ICPS] (February, 2011)
D. capensis "alba" (seedlings) [ICPS] (February, 2011)
D. intermedia "cuba" (seedlings) [ICPS] (January, 2011- May, 2011)
D. indica (seedlings) [ICPS] (February, 2011)
Heliamphora minor [keehns carnivores] (May-June, 2011)
D. prolifera [keehns carnivores] (May, 2011)
P. esserania [quebec carnivores] (May, 2011)
D. binta multifida extrema [hawaiian botanicals] (March, 2011)
U. gibba [bonfield] (May, 2011)
P. lusitanica (seedlings) [ICPS] (August, 2011)
N. ventricosa [colisanti farms] {unsure} (November, 2010)
Dionea. "Seedgrown" [seeds from my plants] (August, 2011)
P. agnata [unknown] {unsure} (April, 2011)- not P. agnata, probably something in the Weser-Sethos group

I can trade seeds internationally (If you are in the US you have to have an import permit) and plants within Canada.
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By victor
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Very nice growlist and welcome to Flytrapcare!
By dantt99
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You have an awesome growlist, and I love that picture of your Ceph from the photo contest :D
By victor
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Very nice updates!!!
By victor
Posts:  2028
Joined:  Sun Dec 12, 2010 12:42 am
Nice! Have fun with your new agnata!
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