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Ask questions about how to grow and care for Venus Flytraps

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By Starchy
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You should water an indoor plant the same way you would water an outdoor plant. As long as you follow the general rule of watering your CP just before it gets dry, you will be fine. The difference between indoor and outdoor is that the CP will become dry a lot faster outside. Do not keep your CP in constant water as it will most likely cause root rot. Just keep a close eye on it, and make sure it is always moist.

I have read in this forum that a good way to measure when a good time to water is by weighing the plant (in pot) when it is dry, and then knowing when it hits that weight again, it is time to water. As long as your pot has a drainage hole, don't worry about over-watering.

In terms of dormancy, I myself have never dealt with it. But I have read that it is best to allow your plant to go into dormancy so it has more energy the following year. A VFT, for example, can technically skip its first year of dormancy, but many feel that it will not be as healthy the next spring. I don't think dormancy is too complicated. You can read more about it here.

Please listen to what others say about dormancy though, because I have only been growing CPs for about 2 months.
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By jamez
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JackieFarber wrote:how should I go about watering an indoor plant? I've heard to let it sit in water all the time and then to not do that. Also would it be okay for me to skip dormancy this year since I don't feel comfortable doing it?
If you are worried about what you are comfortable with for something crucial, then you shouldn't be growing these plants. Plants NEED certain things, it never matters what you want if the plants life is in your hands. Now if the plant is dying don't give it really cold conditions. Maybe high 40s would be good. Dormancy is just a sleeping period for the plants.

Not trying to be rude at all, but this is the cold hard truth.
By JackieFarber
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The reason I said the comfortable part is because I read someones post about needing to be experienced to put it through dormancy successfully and I know that I'm not. And it's just a plant, calm down that's great that you aren't TRYING to be rude but you are. I also read that you can skip the dormancy period, so maybe if there wasn't so much contradicting information on this forum I wouldn't be so confused and uncomfortable.
By jamez
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That person was completely incorrect. They're saying you need to be experienced to grow a flytrap. You wouldn't be able to be experienced if you didn't start somewhere. You can skip it once and the plant slowly dies from then. Most growers think of their plants more than just a plant. It is more than a plant. It is something living. This forum is full of enthusiasts and to me, you don't sound too enthusiastic.

If I may ask, do you care about this plant? Just wondering. :D
By JackieFarber
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Joined:  Sat Jul 14, 2012 1:25 am
Okay well this is my FIRST one so I'm not sure how you'd expect me to know who is incorrect about what so that's why I'm ASKING everyone on here. I'm not sure why you are trolling on my post, but obviously I care. If I didn't care would I be wasting my time becoming a member of a forum for it and taking the time to ask people all the questions I have on how to CARE for it? If it dies am I going to have a funeral for it? No, but that doesn't mean that I don't want to do my best.
By pieguy452
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He is just starting out and worried about killing his flytrap, there is nothing wrong with that. Flytraps can skip a dormancy although it will negatively impact their health in the future. They won't grow as well as a flytrap that received a proper dormancy and will defiantly need to go into dormancy the following year. If he needs more experience and time to research then so be it, the plant will survive. Dormancy is easier than you think, jackie. You say you live in Arizona so you should be able to just leave it outside and it will go into dormancy on it's own. We all have different opinions and sometimes they will contradict each other but it is nothing to get angry about :)
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By JackieFarber
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I'm not angry with anyone I just really wanted to know what to do and yes someone else told me that Arizona will be a perfect place for dormancy outside I just didn't know if it would be bad to take my indoor plant and put it outside for the dormancy period. I'm just trying to learn what to do and not mess it up, sorry if I offended anyone by asking if I had to do the dormancy thing, I had read previously on here that it's not necessary but now I know it is. Thank you for your help!
By pieguy452
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You can slowly acclimate it outside when necessary, start out with a few hours of direct sunlight per day then adding an hour every 2-3 days until you have reached the maximum amount of sunlight. Also, acclimating it before the temperature starts to cool down would be best so it can gradually enter dormancy :)
By parker679
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JackieFarber wrote:phoenix, I think it's perfect because in the winter it doesn't freeze
I think Jamez point was that whether or not the temps are freezing is irrelevant, it's the light/humidity that's important.

After all, in North Carolina where they are from naturally it will easily get below freezing. While in South Florida where it rarely gets below freezing dormancy can be hard since there is typically long days in the winter and more humidity.

So saying that it's perfect because it doesn't freeze is wrong and he was just pointing that out.

We all started out new and you deserve credit for making the attempt to learn what you can. But don't dismiss good/accurate advice because it comes off as abrasive. You have to understand, not everyone here is a casual weekend CP grower. Some people have devoted countless hours to growing and studying these plants. So when you say you don't really care about doing what is best for the plant because "it's just a plant", it can come off as a bit offensive.

Also, if you're able to grow it outside all year that would be best. You'll get a healthier plant since it will be getting direct sunlight and you won't have to worry about the dormancy aspect, nature will take care of that.
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