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By lemonlily
I want some other things like maybe a Sundew or stuff like that. But all I have is one plant of a Venus Fly Trap.
By italo.americano

Several of us put together a blog ... sites.html
containing ratings for several nursery websites. For Dionaea I would recommend http://www.a and for other plants
Be very careful ordering this time of year as most plants are going through dormancy.
I hope this help!

Thanks for that. But as I said before, I don't buy stuff online. But thanks a lot. this will help others.
By edwardyeeks
Here in Malaysia, our local nurseries are terrible. All you can find are nepenthes, which are usually in terrible condition. There is a nursery where I bought my first typical VFT and it uses fertilizer for all the CPs there....... :x So don't fret. In your country, it is much more easier to find other carnivorous plants than in Malaysia, unless you are looking for nepenthes......


Just a shot in the dark but you could try the .99 store. That is where I bought my typicals back in March.

Call them to see if they have any in stock and if they do, have your parents drive you.


I've never heard of it. Where is this place?
By italo.americano

I forgot you were up north. .99 stores are mainly in the western USA. You should try what Matt said and look up nurseries on the internet or in the phone book and find one close to you and call them during their normal business hours and ask them if they carry carnivorous plants. Just be careful as most carnivorous plants are in dormancy now.

By sipecsus
the .99 cent store has vft i bought like 10 rescently or u could try i rescently got a sampler pack which included a sundew , a butterwort , a pitcher plant , a tropical pitcher plant and of course a vft. this is a really good web site..
By Eric
Sometimes they will sell them at the florist stores
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