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By Tigerscott79
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Just wondering If thier is any info out there that shows probable traits known to cross from some of the cultivars . For example (made up example not real) if say boheiman Vft crossed with a green dente say would the red or largeness of bohemian carry over and the green dente's dente teeth/cillia carry over . Ik variables mutations and lots other roles play factor just wasnt sure if anyoneS chatted some of the dominate genetics that possibly carry over and what some the recessive genes carry if both cultivars carry the recessive genes. Sorry if worded poorly just curious

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By Matt
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It is highly dependent on the trait and many other genetic factors. It seems that most often seedlings will look more like the mother plant. Somewhere on these forums a few years back a member who knew a bit about genetics explained about recessive and dominant traits and many other things. I think this is the thread I'm thinking of:
flytraps-seed-grown-vs-cultivar-genetic ... 62-15.html

Genetics is a fairly complex area of biology and determining which traits in Venus flytraps are recessive or dominant hasn't been recorded anywhere that I'm aware of.

Alright thanks

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