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By sekler
Posts:  437
Joined:  Wed Aug 25, 2010 1:37 am
Hello all,

I noticed since some time that my dried moss became green at several places in plastic bags. This is what I hoped that would happen since months ago when I placed it with some peat and distilled water.

It's been put initially on a window sill where it got minimal direct light (to avoid cooking) and it's now under neon lighting (54W - 5000 lumens). I noticed that the "green" is going away now. Is it dying or can it still thrive in those conditions ? Normally it should become dark green from what I read on the internet, when it doesn't get sufficient lighting. It doesn't seem to be the case...

And I forgot to specify, it's NZ moss.

Any tips ? It's in a pretty small bag so I'm wondering that perhaps it's choking due to the cramped space ? It's kept damp and I can see condensation in the bag, so the water level is definitely fine.

thanks !
By GardenNub
Posts:  176
Joined:  Sat Jan 29, 2011 1:01 am
Assuming you are talking about sphagnum moss, but many mosses are the same anyway, I think it likes lower light conditions. I am trying to grow some myself, and I have it underneath my other plants(which are on a rack) to keep it shaded a bit.
By Grey
Posts:  3255
Joined:  Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:48 pm
I must admit I find it ironic that one of the hardest things to cultivate successfully is the very thing we plant some of our carnivorous plants in..

I've had greening of "dried" sphagnum moss, if that's what you are referring to. I always thought it was algae but I'm not honestly sure. I've never been able to achieve that beautiful, green, star-like alien seaweed that is pure live sphagnum moss.
By sekler
Posts:  437
Joined:  Wed Aug 25, 2010 1:37 am
Its indeed ironic, lol.

So you guys are saying it should be cultivated almost in the dark? Indirect light I believe would be best if some are actually growing their nepenthes and darlingtonias in live sphag? Hence my concern about my artificial lighting which doesn't seem to work very well. I keep the temperature under 24 degrees celsius.
By GardenNub
Posts:  176
Joined:  Sat Jan 29, 2011 1:01 am
I wouldnt say dark, but def. not directly under grow lights or direct sunlight. Most moss does best in shady areas.
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