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By Lawndude84
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This is straight off of Peter D'Amato's website

Bladderworts (Utricularia sp.)

Soil: Aquatic varieties: One cup of peat well-mixed into each gallon of water. Tropical: A good mix is one part fine orchid bark, one part long - fibered sphagnum , one part peat and one part perllite.

Terrestrial: Use a mix of one part peat to one part sand.

Containers: Plastic containers with drainage holes work best for terrestrial and epiphytic species. Most terrestrials also do well in un-drained containers. If you wish to view the badders on terrestrials grow them in glass containers with removable black plastic sheeting of construction paper wrapped along the outside of the glass below the soil level.

Watering: Use the tray method for terrestrials and tropicals, keeping the soil wet.

Light: Full to part sun.

Climate: As Bladderworts grow worldwide, they come from varied climates: cold-temperature, temperate, warm-temperate, sub-tropical, tropical and Mediterranean.

Please consult (The Savage Garden by Peter D'Amato) for specific species requirements.
By moof
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It'll be good if you'd say which species exactly you want to keep. Many of them are very easy plants;)
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