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By Wood1988
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Hi All.

I haven't been on in a long while due to being busy.

I purchased some Drosera Madagascariensis seeds a week ago and sowed them in my heated terrarium where my 2 Cape Sundews reside.

What species are these?

They cannot be Capensis because the adults in this pot have not flowered for the length of time they have resided here. They could be Madagascariensis but I have been very careful and not sown them into the same container as my adult plants.

Also, they do not resemble baby cape sundews.

Many thanks.
Cape Sundew or Madagascariensis?
Cape Sundew or Madagascariensis?
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By ChefDean
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Many drosera seedlings look very similar. If conditions are as you say; madagascariensis seeds only sown a week ago, no other sundews have been near those pots, no other seeds have been near those pots, they have been alone for some time, have not flowered, etc., then they are Capes. Drosera seeds very, very, very, very rarely germinate in a week, and, if they did, it wouldn't be anywhere near that big. At most, it would only have cotyledons, no carnivorous leaves yet.
Capensis are the "Fertile Myrtle" or "Potent Pete" of the drosera world, and breathing on them wrong may cause them to throw up a baby from the roots. But there is no immaculate conception with carnivorous plants, so it's division from one of your Capes.
I gave a single Cape to my neighbor last year, with instructions to cut the flower stalk unless she wants thousands of plants. This Spring, about March, we separated out 8 divisions. We just separated out another 7 divisions last week.
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