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By CPhunter101
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Sarrs go dormant naturally even if the winters are warm. They might shed less pitchers than colder areas but they still need the same winter care (less feeding). Besides that, just treat them like normal. :)[…]

Note to self

Note to self: do not give small purpureas osmocote[…]

Alata deformed pitcher

It would be a lot more effort being osmocoat is sl[…]


I'm no pest expert, but I wouldn't want any worm[…]

I got that beast from Mike Wang about 7 years ago,[…]

Is this normal color?

I was looking at my Judith hindle's today, they ar[…]

20 oz styrofoam cups from walmart are good insulat[…]

First vft and first post

This is my typical from Home Depot. I have had it […]

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