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By Nepenthes0260
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Joined:  Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:59 am
I just trimmed up a massive amount of D. binata variations and propagated all that I could, but alas, there were too many. I recently moved them to a new water table and after moving them they usually look ratty, so I decided to do my eyes a favor and just chop all the pots down to the base. It'll also get more light to the new growth and provide more airflow.

I'm giving away around 2.5+ ounces of Drosera binata leaves for propagation. They're all in the same mixed bag, but varieties I trimmed include:
D. binata var. Multifida f. Extrema (lots of these)
D. binata var. Dichotoma "green giant clone"
D. binata 'Marston Dragon'
D. binata var. Multifida f. Extrema x 'Marston Dragon'

Once they sprout and grow for a bit they should be easy to ID, except for the Multifida Extrema x Marston Dragon and pure Marston Dragon. You should get hundreds, possibly thousands, of plantlets out of these leaves.

Please use standard giveaway format:
1. username
2. username
3. username
And so on.

Winner agrees to pay $16 for a medium flat rate, because the cuttings alone are too large to fit in a small flat rate :lol:. Heat packs can be included for an extra $5. I may include some extra small Drosera :D.

US mainling addresses only please! Giveaway ends at 8 PM Pacific time zone tomorrow, December 17. Good luck to all!
Drosera binata in water table before trimming
Drosera binata in water table before trimming
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By Carnies
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What kind of lights you got up there?
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