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List the plants you grow

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S. 'Devils Armpit' X (Rosea 'Big Mama' X Oreophila)
S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. Tattnall County
S. rubra or alata
S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. montana
S. 'Fat Chance'
S. psittacina


D. muscipula 'B52'
D. muscipula 'Akai Ryu'
D. muscipula 'Grun'
D. muscipula Rehder Giant


D. intermedia
D. intermedia "Big Audrey"
D. 'Nightmare'
D. Hercules x self
D. capensis "Bains Kloof"
D. capensis Meadowview wideleaf
D. capensis "Volgegat"
D. capensis "Gifberg Pass"
D. capensis "red form"
D. capensis "albino"
D. capensis 'Montagu Pass x Lotus Eater'
D. capensis 'Montagu Pass x Hercules'
D. capensis 'Hercules x Montagu Pass'
D. capensis 'Hercules x Self'
D. capillaris X intermedia
D. spatulata "Gold Coast"
D. 'ultramafica X spatulata'
D. binata ‘Dichotoma Giant’
D. binata var. dichotoma (small red form)
D. filiformis var. tracyi anthocyanin -free form
D. 'California Sunset'
D. 'Dreamsicle'
D. sessilifolia
D. burmannii
D. graomogolensis
D. magnifica
D. madagascariensis
D. 'Adromeda'
D. 'Slackii'
D. adelae
D. aliciae
D. natalensis
D. capillaris 'Emerald's Envy'
D. anglica Hawaii
D. nidiformis Pietermaritzberg RSA


P. lueana X gigantea
P. agnata
P. lueana
P. cyclosecta
P. ehlersiae 'Victoria'
P. esseriana
P. gypsicola
P. 'Titan'
P. 'Pirouette'
P. jaumavensis
P. el mirador
P. agnata red leaf
P. moranensis var. alba "Molongo" x cyclosecta


N. 'Miranda'
N. Nepenthes (spathulata x spectabilis) "BE Best" x veitchii "Pink Candy Cane", CAR-0052
N. ventricosa (k) X (lowii X camp)


U. gibba
U. subulata

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