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By Jade
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Joined:  Mon Feb 05, 2024 6:57 pm
I’ve got plant problems this month-plural, and I’m trying to figure them out so I can potentially fix the problems.

I’ve had this ping since March and it was doing great until a couple of weeks ago, and I didn’t change anything so I’m puzzled.

Last month I saw these thin little white strands going across the bottom leaves but they had been there for a bit and didn’t seem to be an issue. When I took a pair of tweezers to try to get them off because I thought it was cat hair or something I realized they were attached and I left them alone.

The last couple weeks I’ve noticed that the plant looked to be not only halted in growth but smaller. I got them in some strong natural light and noticed that there’s a ring of dead leaves at the bottom and some other ones are shriveling.

I have them under a couple sansei grow lights which are 20W together. I thought they might need more at first, but they were flourishing really. I have them in the soil mix that I bought from carnivorous plants which is perlite, peat, and vermiculite 2/1/1 approximately. Pot is about 3 1/2w by 3 deep. It gets about 14 hours under the grow light daily. I tray water a bit usually about once a week. I have been considering switching to top watering as the top media always seems dry even after it’s done taking water. This past water I did a bit from top after tray again left the top too dry for my liking. I really haven’t changed my care of it since I believe mid April (I’d have to look at when I lost my Cyclosecta) when I started watering it less due to paranoia that it would also get browning heart disease. From then until a couple weeks ago it kept growing larger and was healthy, so I don’t know what changed.

I’m going to include a pic from May and a couple I took today-

IMG_5894.jpeg (3.58 MiB) Viewed 384 times
May picture above ⬆️
IMG_6829.jpeg (2.76 MiB) Viewed 384 times
IMG_6830.jpeg (2.46 MiB) Viewed 384 times
Pics from today ⬆️
By Jade
Posts:  268
Joined:  Mon Feb 05, 2024 6:57 pm
Can you see how the bottom row died out between the first pic and #2 and 3? That’s the first time I’ve had this kind of die off, and that’s normal? About how often does that happen out of curiosity? I’m not sure why I assumed that would only happen when it was going into its winter dormancy and getting smaller with succulent type leaves but I definitely thought that.
By Jade
Posts:  268
Joined:  Mon Feb 05, 2024 6:57 pm
jeff wrote: Sun Jun 23, 2024 7:58 am always prefer watering by capillary action rather than from above.
Old leaves always end up drying out, this is normal.
maybe a reinforcement of limestone will give it more “pep”
what species is it, hybrid, ehlersiae, esseriana?
Perhaps I should water it more then. Because lately you can definitely tell that the surface remains dry even after I tray water it, and maybe I over corrected after losing my Cyclosecta.

The site has it listed as just Ehlersiae, my apologies I totally forgot to list that.
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