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By Nikson
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Joined:  Tue Jun 22, 2021 12:47 am
Hey all,

Dormancy is over and my sarracenia are blooming for the first time outdoors! However, new year brings new challenges.

My new sarracenia that I bought last summer seem to have some kind of powder on the old leaves that it kept throughout the winter. Is this powdery mildew? Do I need to treat it at all, or just being outdoors fine?

Also I JUST noticed some of the newer leaves are covered in little tiny green bugs, which I assume are aphids. My sarracenia are blooming right now so I'm hesitant to use Bioadvanced 3-in-1 on them in case I kill any pollinators. Is it ok to use a systemic if the plants are in bloom? I just sprayed them with some oils for now.



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By steve booth
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It certainly looks like powdery mildew, but I am surprised that you have it outdoors at this time of year, I would have thought that the wind outside would have got rid of it. It loves warm days and cool nights, but hates ventilation. I would suggest that as it's outside and isn't densely packed to other foliage it will go away on its own.
With regard to the aphids systemic will get rid of them.

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