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By cpgrower126
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I rescued a Sarracenia Purpurea; could possibly be S. Rosea, last year, and it is growing a flower this year. I wanted to get seed, but learned that self pollination leads to bad seed sets and more "runt plants". While visiting my local nursery, I found some more purps, in extremely rough shape, and they were blooming (blooming early because they were next to the tropical plants were it was humid, warm, and shady. Unfortunately, the purps were very expensive despite the very ruff shape; 40 dollars, and I had recently spent a lot of money on some cp's from reputable cp nurseries, so I decided that I wasn't gonna breach my budget (which I had done cus of impulse cp buys from this nursery so many times). So, using a paper and my finger, I swept some pollen off the flower, wrapped it in the paper and came home. My purp hasn't bloomed yet, and I'm wondering how to store the pollen. Someone said to put it in the fridge, but could use more detail. Also, how long is the pollen viable for?
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By steve booth
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Store it in the fridge, its certainly good for a fortnight but I have no experience with older pollen.
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