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By Adelae
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So when we were shopping for houses last year, our favorite one happened to have this massive spot in the yard where the previous owners used to have an aboveground pool. Currently it's a depression on a gentle slope, half in shade and half in full sun, where water collects and not much grows because it's just a layer of leveling sand on top of STRAIGHT CLAY.
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The realtor and inspector were saying something or other about how it's not too bad to fix the drainage with topsoil or whatever, but I couldn't hear them over the sound of me calculating how much I was about to spend on peat moss if we bought the house.

Well, we bought the house, that spot never dried out more than 3 inches deep the whole summer/fall/winter, and I found a local landscaping place that sells peat for $55 per CUBIC YARD :D So this thing is HAPPENING and I'm gonna document it here.

It'll probably a pretty slow build for free time and budget reasons, but over the next few years I'm slowly going to embrace the bog witch aesthetic I was born to have (but never got because I grew up in a desert)

Site is almost due north of the house, so the plan is to make a pond on the shady south side and a bog on the sunny north side. This thing is 23 feet wide you guys I'm so stoked.

We broke ground on the pond last week solely because we needed some dirt for something else. About a 1x2x1 foot test hole.
IMG_20240328_192050265.jpg (7.27 MiB) Viewed 372 times
It immediately filled with rainwater and has stayed full for a week, lol. Seriously debating if we even actually need a pond liner, especially for the bog side. That's Michigan for ya. It was made from bogs and to bogs it shall return.
IMG_20240402_172744487.jpg (6.75 MiB) Viewed 372 times
Anyway that's what I'm up to. I have some 2-year-old S. purpurea from the seed bank (Michigan genotype and everything, thanks Hollyhock!) that are absolutely PACKED in their current containers and should do nicely out there.
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By 93pirks
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Would you not need to use a pond liner to keep the nutrients in the soil from mixing in with the peat? Would the run off of water from the soil into the peat also not cause the tds to rise if a pond liner is used that would be roughly around the same height as the surrounding soil?
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By LazyDaisy
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Nothing much to add except I hope it goes well and it will be exciting to see your progress! Best of luck!
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