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By Steve_D
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My experiment with artificial bugs has been limited so far. A much more long-term controlled experiment would be much better, and that's something I'd like to do someday. My main goal in the artificial bug type of feeding was to introduce a wide range of micronutrients (those nutrients that plants don't need much of, but can greatly benefit by, just like the small amounts of certain minerals, vitamins and other things that humans benefit from in tiny quantities, like salt and iodine). I thought that some of these micronutrients may not be in the typical population of insects in this area, so I amended that food with kelp-extract soaked tiny cellulose sponges.

But, the results are inconclusive and uncertain so far. ;)
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By Apollyon
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That is a very interesting idea. Instead of a foliar spray, the plant is constantly soaking nutrients through the leaf for an extended period of time. Very interesting. I may get a cheap CP to test that on. I've had luck spraying Maxsea balanced 16-16-16 on virtually all of my CPs, Cephalotus included, since I owned them. I grow indoors so it isn't always possible to allow it to freely catch bugs and I don't have the time to do bloodworms to all of my plants as often as I'd like. Tbh, I've caused more harm to leaves with too much crushed bloodworms than I have ever done with fertilizer. I think it is more appropriate to say "don't fertilize unless you've done research and know what you are doing." It's a test of patience with smaller plants, considering how you do want to avoid the soil. I've been using this diluted (1/4 tsp/gallon) mix as often as once a week on everything from pings, to vfts and cephalotus. My Drosera Regia seems to like it a lot, I even supplement with 4-5 pellets of osmocote.

I believe people have a tendency to do it recklessly. Full strength or high frequency. Or they'll grab some dynagro and dump concentrate on their plants and kill them. Few fertilizers will work with CPs. Testing dosages on your plants starting very low and seeing how they respond will work better for you. With this question you can ask 10 people and get 10 answers. What works for me may not work for others, vice versa.

Good Growing
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By Adrien
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There are several studies that report that Cephalotus derive 70% of their N content through roots in their natural habitat, so Cephalotus can take a lot of fertilizer if they are readily accessible.

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