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By Camden
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ChelleB1005 wrote: Wed Jan 03, 2024 7:32 pm @Camden I'd appreciate any advice on their care since I've not had one of these before. Thank you very much
Helis will appreciate as much light as you can give them. They do like higher humidity however they can be acclimated over a preferably relatively long period of time to low RH. Some people are adamant about temperature drops at night however I do not feel it is very necessary. Ciliata should be more temperature tolerant however I would not want to try and find out. Definitely acclimate it to wherever you decide to grow it over the course of maybe 2 weeks to a month.
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By Bluefire
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I know a guy who grows all his Helis in ~20 % relative humidity, but they did have to be acclimated. They can be hardier than a lot of people give them credit for, but it's best not to take chances if you don't have much experience.

H. ciliata in particular can handle higher temperatures than your average Heliamphora (and has been very slow growing in my highland conditions compared to most of my other Helis, H. sarracenioides excluded since that's a known slowpoke) I wouldn't go fully lowland with it, maybe give it conditions in a more intermediate range.
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By Lilyofthevalley9
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It's been above freezing mostly with no snow ice but occasional freezing or frost. I imagine that's going to push back our spring with a delayed winter. This is very unusual for Michigan.
By ChelleB1005
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I just messaged with my address. I messaged on Thursday but I'm not sure it sent. Weather is looking good where I'm at next week
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