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Post here to sell, trade or list your wants if you live in the US

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By Bluefire
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Figured I should put one of these up, but my shyness got the better of me and I’ve just been waiting here for nothing…

Well, here are my plants for trade. Not much, since I’ve already traded a little, but there’s still some plants sitting around. Most are a bit little though.

Feel free to ask questions or request photos. If you want to trade, send me a message with what you’d like and what you’d be willing to offer.

P. rectifolia (several, somewhat small. Maybe some around an inch)
P. kondoi (1 small- less than 1 inch)
P. emarginata (1 larger- ~1 inch or more across, 1 smaller)

D. aliciae (kind of iffy - a little small)
D. prolifera (someone please get these off my hands)

Typical VFT
Utricularia bisquamata
Utricularia sandersonii "blue"

Non carnivorous:
Miscellaneous trimmings from orchid cacti (sample flower photos attached)
Seeds from the unidentified barrel cactus in the front yard
Octopus agave (agave vilmoriniana)(small plants, maybe around 2 inches tall)

Still growing, will probably be available at some point:

P. agnata ‘Red leaf’
P. rotundiflora
Maybe some Pinguicula hybrids (?)
Maybe some Nepenthes cuttings

Okay, there’s nothing on my want list that I could feasibly trade for with what I have, so I guess we’ll go with “show me all your offers and I’ll choose which one to go with.”

I hope to someday get my hands on some of my favorite carnivorous plants, those being (presently) Nepenthes diabolica and Drosera zonaria. Other toothy Nepenthes are pretty high up there too, as are those toilet shaped ones I don’t have. Heck, all Nepenthes work if I don’t have them. One day I hope I can get the room to grow all the plants out to flowering size and begin my own breeding program.

I also like other pitchers, mainly Heliamphora and Darlingtonia.

Maybe one day I’ll get some petiolaris complex sundews, I think they’re really neat. Pygmies are awesome too, that is if I stop killing them.

Preferences in other areas include butterworts with long leaves (like thread leaf sundews), and small, succulent-esque ones like P. esseriana. I also appreciate those sundews that don’t look incredibly similar to D. spatulata.
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