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By Intheswamp
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Ok, good ol' Panman (Thanks!) sent me these three capes back at the first of the summer. Well, things get hot down here and I've got no air conditioned area to house my plants so...I chunked them outside in the heat and the sun!!! I suspect they would be looking pretty good by now if they'd been coddled, but these are gangsta capes that take care of themselves and their territory...don't mess with them! :lol: They held their own in the 100+F temperatures and hot sun, they hung in their with the dreaded Filiformis Gang and the notorious Sarrs Gang, too. Mr. Red is on the right, Mr. Alba is on the left, and Grandpa Stump is seen blurrily in the background...we're not sure of his real name and we think he's in the witness protection program. The only way he'd let us photograph him was if we blurred the photo. 8-)
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