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By jjimenez831
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Joined:  Mon Sep 15, 2014 9:36 pm
Hey yall so some years ago I was a part of a international order, the person facilitating was super understanding about my situation at the time, the situation took a turn for the worst as I lost my housing, my job and almost 1000 plants, I'd really like to reconnect with those folks and make right my part of the order we all made, and hopefully start back up in these forums as I'm just starting to be able to collect plants again. It was all 100 percent my fault on not having a savings at the time, but I would love the opportunity to make it right. The only reason I wasn't able to make it right to the person that facilitated the order was I lost legit everything besides my cat at the time and had to make a few different moves before I got stable again in finances and work. Good to hopefully be on these forums again and hopefully would love to reconnect with some of yall from back in the day as well. Before I try to get new plants I really would like to clear up my issues from the past though
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