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By htbm
Posts:  41
Joined:  Sun Aug 06, 2023 10:26 am
My one* surviving (of three) ping seems to still be recovering well (this was down to 1 sad leaf). I think it has actually decided to split as there seems to be a little cluster of tiny leaves under that leaf off to the right. It recently started growing this little stem-like structure, though, which came up at the same time and practically wrapped in the leaf it's sitting over (with the similar lavender hue). I cannot see any seam in it that would unfurl like the other leaves so I can only guess it might be a flower stalk, only... there's no flower head [yet?]. And it seems an odd angle for it to be coming up, but then it also seems odd that the next leaf would come out that way. I consider it to still be in recovery so I kinda think maybe I should not let it go to flower if it is. [That's some fish food slurry on the bottom leaf that I'd just fed it before taking this picture.]

* (I still have two partial not-yet-entirely-dead leaves remaining of one I'm trying to strike, but very little hope there.)
IMG_0351.JPG (1.93 MiB) Viewed 1409 times
By htbm
Posts:  41
Joined:  Sun Aug 06, 2023 10:26 am
Kinda figured it had to be, but I couldn't find any pictures of just-starting flower stalks and this thing has been unlike any other leaf it's grown. All the others have been kinda empty taco shell shaped from the beginning; this one came up *in* the taco of another and at this stage seems totally round with any seam that *could* unfurl. All I can do is wait and see if it turns into a proper leaf or remains a mutant, I guess!
By Lain
Posts:  300
Joined:  Tue Mar 09, 2021 5:22 pm
I don't have any that are just starting right now these photos are of one that has probably been in the making for a week or two at least I just didn't notice till today. The best description I can give is it looks like a little round ball in the center when it's starting.
20230905_063611.jpg (4.8 MiB) Viewed 1351 times
20230905_063514.jpg (4.76 MiB) Viewed 1351 times
By htbm
Posts:  41
Joined:  Sun Aug 06, 2023 10:26 am
It finally started opening. For whatever reason, that leaf just decided to come in completely upside down, somewhat early, in the taco of the prior leaf. Maybe related to it splitting, as it happened about the same time. As it starts to open, now it's sticking straight up as it tries to right itself. From this angle you can see the little baby split.
IMG_0360.JPG (1.59 MiB) Viewed 1301 times
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