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I posted this one on social media the other day but forgot to post it here! I really love this flytrap that I acquired in March. To copy what I wrote on social media....Carnivoria "Aurora Borealis" is like no flytrap we've ever seen before, and we've grown tens of thousands of flytraps. "Aurora Borealis" has a green leaf base and petiole but the trap fades from green at the back, to yellow, to nearly pure white near the cilia!! It also can get some reddish/pinkish color from what we've seen so far. We love our Northern Lights flytrap!

We are excited to grow this flytrap and hope to be able to offer it to other growers soon!!
Carnivoria Aurora Borealis
Carnivoria Aurora Borealis
Carnivoria-Aurora-Borealis1.JPG (375.8 KiB) Viewed 557 times
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