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By TrapsAndDews
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Joined:  Sun Nov 14, 2021 2:20 am
thepitchergrower wrote:Well here's a sneak peek into one of my propagation pots. Theres all kinds of stuff I threw in there, most are Capensis typical, from @Carnies. There's also Capensis 'big pink' from MaxVft, and some Dreamsicles from apollyon. Thanks guys. :)
Where are you growing your seedlings? My typical capes that I got a while ago are suffering on the windowsill (possibly because the days are short and they aren't getting enough light).
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By thepitchergrower
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Thread revival! Some pictures.

Tokaiensis from carnies, Marston dragons from Carnie's leaf offerings, Anglica Alakai Swamp Kauai, HI, cape alba seedling forest.
PXL_20220127_154441498.PORTRAIT.jpg (65.59 KiB) Viewed 673 times
PXL_20220127_154527755.PORTRAIT.jpg (240.57 KiB) Viewed 673 times
PXL_20220127_155044877.MP.jpg (186.18 KiB) Viewed 673 times
PXL_20220127_155142736.MP.jpg (314.67 KiB) Viewed 673 times
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By IoanAdam
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Yay! Thank you for reviving the thread!

Nice plants!
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By Panman
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They may be interesting, or not. At the same time there were 2 flava varieties, purpurea, Judith Hindle, and psitacinna flowering. There were about a dozen of the flava flowers. So I took all of the seeds for the flavas and combined them together to get the best chance of getting some variety. I have kept them separate for myself so I can see which pod produced what seedlings. They are still too small to know anything but I've got a bunch growing.
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By Panman
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I'm doing this. The problem is that the seedlings have to be big enough to get the Maxsea inside. Capillary action keeps it from getting down into the pitchers of the smallest seedlings. Once they are big enough to get the needle, they are getting filled with a 1/2t per gallon solution.
By Dragonslayer126
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IoanAdam wrote: Fri Dec 24, 2021 9:55 am Hello, I'm Adam and was wondering how everyones plants where doing. Maybe we could add a picture and tell a bit about the plant.

I will start: 1 or 2 weeks ago I got a healthy venus flytrap from IKEA with 3 divisions. The traps close fast but she is not dormant so I will move her to the garage. She is next to my window at the moment. Here is a picture:
It looks like there's a fused tooth trap in there
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