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By davinstewart
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Sarracenia Northwest is offering their ebook guide to caring for carnivorous plants for free for today (12/25/2021) only! The discount will be applied at checkout to make it a free item. No credit card required. I just bought mine and can verify it's legit.

Here's a copy/paste of the email I received:
View this email in your browser DECEMBER 25, 2021


We hope you are having a wonderful holiday. As a present on this special day, download our ebook, The Ultimate Carnivorous Plant Guide for Beginners, at no charge. This is a digital download that covers the growing of the most common carnivorous plants in cultivation. There is also a section on winter care for Sarracenia and Venus Flytraps. The file is readable on all devices and computers.

To download the file, visit the website, add the ebook to your cart, and complete the checkout process. The entire purchase price of the download will be deducted during checkout. No coupon or purchase is necessary. This gift, however, is for today only and expires at midnight (Pacific Time).

So, from all of us here at Sarracenia Northwest, may you experience the joy and happiness of family, friends, and carnivorous plants during the holidays!

The Sarracenia Northwest Team
Jeff Dallas, owner
Jacob Farin, owner
Sean Springfield, propagator
Jason Herritz, shipper
Sara The Sarracenia Pup, inspector
Luke The Leudophylla Pup, inspector

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DBA Sarracenia Northwest
PO Box 12 • Eagle Creek, OR 97022 • 800-823-0923

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Happy Holidays!
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By Supercazzola
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It’s the source of my recent understanding that high humidity isn’t as important for carnivorous plants as is light. I mean I knew light was important for plants since they photosynthesize, but here on this forum and across the web, I’ve seen a lot of emphasis on humidity and being one of the most important things for sundew “dew” production, and after reading this book, I learned light contributes more to the production of it. great book, by the way.
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