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By Nocturne
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Z_Y wrote:This thread has motivated me to try to expand my stock of red sphagnum. I took the darkest specimens from around my pots and placed it into this tray. However I'm not sure what the best way to actually propagate sphagnum is, I've only ever just propagated them by having them grow in my pots or in a ziplock bag. What I'm having trouble with in my little cups is algae, it feels kind of slimy to the touch. Maybe I just need to recreate a pot, since the drainage would help with preventing algae.
My darkest colored moss lives in this pot, which I've tried to spread around to my other pots. Here it is in April. And yes the moss is actually extremely red, it's not just some weird setting on my camera. In real life it's so red it's almost black:
And here it is today in September.
You can see the green moss is kind of outcompeting the red ones, although I did harvest a lot of the red ones. You can also see there's some very dark red varieties and some not as dark red kinds. I'm not sure if it's different species.

My orange ones are doing ok in my little cup but in terms of all my colonies in the pots I think they've mostly been outcompeted by green varieties. They also grow super slow, it's been like this for half a year.
Even in the shade the dark red kind stays pretty red, you can see some poking through beneath the neps here but you can also see how the green kind is way more fluffy and is basically taking over.
Beautiful sets man looks straight out of strawberry jam, if you join photo contests it would be categorized as desert lol I’m trying to grow some red sphagnum too but prob not gonna be close to this
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By Panman
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I needed to update on my moss acquisition. The moss isn't doing much of anything but the pitcher plant seedlings are looking good. There are some interesting ones in there.
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