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By Ewreck
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The top of the soil is kinda slimy and a little green. And it forms in the water tray after a while can I just spray a little alcohol on the soil for that? And my cape sundew..the biggest one anyways(there’s 5 altogether in one pot)on the newly formed leaves there’s a black tip. And they are kinda deformed and shorter than the leaves it was making. It is only the biggest one doing this. Could this be from me over watering or possibly the green stuff? Green stuff Cyanobacteria? Thx
Green stuff on the soil
Green stuff on the soil
37D89581-7987-4D8D-BF83-4DEC88E8E079.jpeg (2.37 MiB) Viewed 544 times
It also made this weird twisted leaf
It also made this weird twisted leaf
7DF55B55-E29C-4E19-824F-B1036A33AE4C.jpeg (649.86 KiB) Viewed 544 times
The 2 in the center
The 2 in the center
C36FDBBF-B6B7-4CA7-80E8-492FD8A1A1F4.jpeg (1.99 MiB) Viewed 544 times
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By optique
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As long as the pot can drain, I don't think it can be over watered. I keep my capes in LFSM that i top water twice a week, or peat/perlite that sit in a 0.5 to 1 inch of water full time. I have never had a issue with anything growing on the media, I blame high amounts natural sunlight for that.

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