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By moneywegetplenty
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Joined:  Wed Dec 30, 2020 9:55 pm
Hey everyone, I have been growing nepenthes for a while now, with some great basal shoots and new pitchers appearing in my ventrata. My miranda however is showing huge leaves but no pitchers, just tendrils (I believe that’s what they are called). I grow them in an indoor greenhouse shelf and I just received a few new pitcher plants, 3 maxima x campanulata x veitchiii. One of them was in shipping for too long and ended up in poor condition overnight after receiving it and is now completely brown except for the growth tip, which is green! A replacement arrived, thanks to carnivero, and hence the 3 plants. At the same time that these plants arrived, my greenhouse fabric ripped and so humidity has been way down, as I can’t run the humidifier all day long. Sometimes when I come back from work it will get down below 70%, but I immediately turn it back on to get it up in the 80-90’s. I covered the hole with foil but it doesn’t help too much, I will get tape and then a new cover when time permits (I am a broke college student). All of my campanulata x maxima x veitchiii’s have been having some sort of adjustment difficulty. A few of the leaves and pitchers of one have begun to brown. Perhaps this is from using too much maxsea. I diluted 1/4 tsp p gallon as directed and used foliar feeding. The other one is just overall yellow brown but seems healthy other than that. Good news is I just took some ventrata cuttings, oh and I forgot to mention a few things. The lights are a 300 w (HID replacement I believe) LED light and another 150 w as listed on sites like amazon and ebay. I am aware of their reputation so I am getting a t5. It will arrive tomorrow. I also run a fan on occasion to get the air flowing. Does anyone have any recommendations on things I can do to ease the acclimation process from these lights to the t5. I don’t want to hurt the plants any more than shipping and acclimation have already. Other than that my plants are looking great and I’m very excited for these guys and girls to be in better conditions again and give me basal shoots, healthy pitchers, and eventually vines and flowers. My seeds still haven’t sprouted but I am expecting to wait a while if they even do. I will always buy nepenthes seeds when they are fresh because the opportunity to grow nepenthes from seed is special. Thanks everyone and any advice is extremely extremely appreciated!
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By Supercazzola
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How are things progressing with your plants' issues?

To me, if you are a "broke college student," is it really advisable for you to add additional plants, even if ones you grow from seeds, to your collection? Seems like you might be best with having less, but more time to care to them, perhaps saving some money for better grow lights, and some other equipment to help control the growing environment.
Not trying to be rude in any way, just trying to help you get less stress from the experience.

Very nice!

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