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Discussions on how to propagate your plants sexually and asexually, by seed, natural division or leaf pulling

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By Panman
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Joined:  Wed Mar 04, 2020 8:41 pm
I had such great luck with a filiformis tracyii pull (7 strikes) that I decided to try Marston Dragon and see what happens.

For those of you who have done this before, how long do you wait for the strikes to become big enough to pot. I left them attached to the stem and waited in they had a couple of leaves about 1/2 inch long.
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By ChefDean
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As soon as you are confident that they are growing they're own roots, cut them from the pulling/cutting and get them on their own.
You may want to bag them after water striking them, but they should stand on their own within a couple of weeks.
Nice job.
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By Panman
Posts:  550
Joined:  Wed Mar 04, 2020 8:41 pm
So, perhaps I got too excited and pulled them out of the tube too early. I knew I'd have to bag them, so this is what I've done. We'll see if it worked. I pulled the main leaf out of water and cut up the segments so that each strike has about an inch of leaf. I then put them in a pot of chopped sphagnum and made sure the base of the strike is covered. Now it sits covered in a tray of water. My daughter likes YoCrunch yogurt and the containers make great mini greenhouses.
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