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By carnivorous1123
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Hi all,
Haven't been on here in a while! Good to be back.
Recently purchased a N. Gaya and N. ventrata and was originally going to place them by my patio door but couldn't find a shelf they would go on which would fit by my window so now thinking of keeping them on a shelf in the corner of my living area, the trouble is this doesn't get a whole lot of light and never direct light. So i was wondering if it would be worth it to maybe get a grow light of some sort and keep that on for a few hours a day to compensate for this and if anyone on here has done something similar and would they recommend this or perhaps tell me an alternative way of keeping them happy.
Even maybe sorting out some sort of terrarium for them to be on show in this area (love this idea)
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By sanguinearocks101
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Best way to go is to put them there and see how they do. If they grow a lot slower than before then you should probably buy a grow light, if they only slow a tiny bit then you’re good. I would not recommend putting them in a terrarium due to the lack of ventilation and that the Nepenthes will outgrow the terrarium.
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By carnivorous1123
Posts:  491
Joined:  Wed Jun 02, 2010 8:36 am
Thanks for your reply, I’ve only just got them so not too sure how quick they were growing before, however I shall put them there and see how they go!
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