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By markus13
Most tropical Sundews like it pretty wet, so I normally have the water no more than a quarter of the way up the pot and I refill it to that point whenever it get close to being dry in the tray. Some types of dews may not like it that wet so do research on the ones that you have. BLoo gave you a good link to above and I've used it for info on plants that I was thinking about picking up before I purchase them just so I know what I'm getting into.
By Sander
Thanks guys for the comments. I live in Connecticut where we have pretty high humidity and usually good sunlight. Unfortunately the only leaves that are producing dew is the ones which are newly growing. When I first got my sundew, I took it out right away which put it into shock, and now the leaves from before don't produce any dew. When a leaf is first growing, is it ok to put a bug where the dew is? Meaning if it isn't fully developed can I still put a bug in it? Also, you guys said it wasn't good to move my plant around a lot. Should I just leave them in the same spot? I'm asking this because I also have a Sarracenia and a Venus Flytrap. I move those and they're both growing extremely well.

Oh and one more thing. As you might've seen in the pics, my spatulatas have had a flower stalk growing. When should I take off the seed pods? Then how many seeds should I put in each pot? I'm thinking of putting all the pots in a big tray with water in the bottom (tray method). Should I just keep the seeds in direct sunlight just as I'm doing with my fully grown sundews? Sorry for asking so many questions. I have just one more. Does using the tray method ever over water your plants?

Thanks so much everyone,

I'd wait with feeding untill the leaf has completely formed, this way the leaf can completely wrap around the food, and therefor digesting it faster.
I normally take the seed pods off when seeds fall out if i touch the pod, and i normally overload a pot if i have enough seeds (200 seeds per 9cm diam. pot) and i treat my seeds as regular plants, so yes they do get full sunlight a few hours a day, and so far had no issues
I ordered this Capensis wide from california carnivores and while mines being grown inside under a grow lamp im watering with just the tray method. I just keep about 1in to 1.5in of water in the tray and then just refill it when it gets low. For me when I initially got it, it wasn't producing much dew but i had the plant a lot further from the light. Right now its like 5-6 inches from the light and looks like below a month later. Just snapped these with my phone. So..I'd say just give them a lot of light and keep the tray watered. No misting needed

Also just wanted to add that the leaves that came with my plant never produced much dew. Those died off pretty quickly (cat mauled my plant week after I got it...) I pruned them away and the new growth produced dew within a few days.
By CandyCane
But how would misting them NOT help dew... I've had my regular typical sundews for about 3 to 4 months and i misted them allll the time, up until i recently got a cold frame or mini green house [and put in a humidifier-] which is what im using as until it does get cold and the mist helped immensely but in the direct sunlight the sun rays evaporate all to most dew since i put in the humidifier and i have a temp +humidity gage in there my plants are thriving! Even mu newly shipped ones here ive gotten last wk and this no if u continue to keep them in the direct sunlight mist them it will not hurt them. I have read almost every website ther3. Is and NOWHERE even says its possible to over water them, but i have a mist bottle that goes frm mist to stream to an in between. So one or 2 trigger squeeze will only help them not hurt them. I also moveed my plants back and forth to outside in the sun back intothe house at night and that didnt seem to bother them either only when i gave them 20 to 24 hour light (yes i know plants are supposed to have a dark period each day) but lol i was testing to see if it would hurt them. And it did they just started looking terrible with no dew.. but now they are great my only question is is there such thing as too much humidity bc right this minute my temp/humid gage says 73°F and 99% humidity.. which my plants carw guide said no direct sun for a few days and give them 80% and 1 hr direct sun them 2 hrs next day while decreasing 5 to 10% each day until they adjust to my conditions.. which i now keep them in humidity. Sry so long hope this helps some.
By CandyCane
First off ima ha e to respectly disagree there with the misting thing bc if there in direct sunlight the suns uv rays will evaporate most to all the dew- i mist mine constantly when i have them in direct sunlight ..And the kinds of sundews i have are doing great i also used to moved them back and forth until i got a cold frame(mini green house) and they did perfectly fine then too, but now there deffinitly doing much better. I have been reading everything I can and no where even mentions that u can over water them- they like living in boggs and marshes..
Although i just recently seen the water ive been buying ( baby water from walmart) has minerals added .. so this entire time ive been giving them some minerals until today i bought plain distilled water - but ive gt a humidifier in there and a temp and humid gage so that's how ive got mine set up. But i do have a question about the "humpty doo" d.Burmannii ?. . . I just got two one abt 2 weeks ago and the other a week ago. There pretty small but since they seem to really be thriving in these conditions both have a flower stalk coming up.. I seen u cant root cut them or leaf cut clone them(1) how do i get the seeds?(2) Do they have to have something else cross pollinate or will they be good just like that? And also if i let them flower so i can get the seeds will they be able to grow this spring season? And (4th) If i let the flower stalk grow will the plant die off after that? Please any info or even a website reference would help when i google it it just doesnt give the info i need...
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By Shadowtski
The original thread referred to newly arrived Drosera.

When you get a new plant, ( or change growing conditions for an existing plant ) it will take several weeks to acclimate to its new pot and to its new growing conditions.

During this transitional time, it is normal for there to be little or no dew/mucilage on the leaf.

The droplets are not water or dew, they just look like it.
They are actually a thin adhesive substance.

So spraying or misting the plant will not cause new dew droplets to form, other than on a very short-term basis.

When I get a new Drosera, I bag or dome it to help lower stress on the plant, especially from leaf transpiration.

In 2 - 4 weeks, with a little luck, you will start seeing dew on the the leaves again.

Just my 2¢ worth.
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