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By ChefDean
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Joined:  Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:44 am
_-SphagnumFromHell-_ wrote:Did I just watch two people argue about Sphagnum Moss...

This hobby is getting weird.
Yes. It's because we're passionate about everything related to carnivorous plants.
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By Hurrikale
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Joined:  Sat Apr 21, 2018 4:36 pm
ChefDean wrote:
Hurrikale wrote:The "peat" I meant was the dark brown peat moss, not the live one. I know what I'm saying so stop assuming that I don't
Really, because here you claim peat moss isn't live.
Hurrikale wrote:I have seen many articles saying that Sphagnum and Peat are definitely not the same kind of moss, and they have very different requirements to grow.
Yet here, you claim it grows, but differently than Sphagnum. Contradicting yourself again I see.
Hurrikale wrote:Let me say it again, right now you're claiming that there is just one kind of peat, which is decomposed Sphagnum, but I said there's another kind of peat, formed by normal land moss.
I never claimed that, this is what I claimed.
ChefDean wrote:There are about 380 species of moss, including Sphagnum, that are considered peat moss.
Sphagnum is referring to moss still in its fibrous form, sometimes long fibers, whether live or dead. Peat moss that is used for gardens, or carnivorous plants, is simply one, or many, of the 380 species of peat mosses, including Sphagnum, that have been compressed, aged, and broken down in an anaerobic environment such as a bog or swamp.
About 380 species of moss that can turn into peat? Wow! A far cry from the one type you claimed I said.
Since I've pointed out your many contradictions and shown your lack of comprehension, I'll bow out and let you continue to spit and sputter. Peace
Keep talking nonsense and finding flaws in my points to support your claims. I don't have to waste time explaining to someone who will never understand what I'm talking about. You keep trying to misinterpret my words and say that I have many contradictions. Good job doing that, you'll never learn anything with it though, sadly.

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