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By Dmackert
Had someone give me 15 orchids. What are good books to help identify them and learn more about them. Also I ended up burning one of them. I put it to close to the light and I think it is one that has a monkey looking flower. Should I cut back the dead leaves or let them alone?
Thank you in advance!
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By Jeeper
Pictures would help classify and determine the needs of each orchid. To be honest a quick down n dirty book is one from Better Homes and Gardens you can find at Barnes and Noble. It puts most everything in categorical chapters and has a small 'catalog' in the back of common industry species and their conditions. Lots of pictures to help understand what they are talking about.
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By evenwind
The are probably 25,000 (or more) orchid species in the world and maybe a third of them are in some sort of cultivation. Plus there are thousands of hybrids. So pics are a must. That said, a large percentage of casual orchid growers start with Phals - you might want to Google "phalaenopsis orchid" pics and see if any of yours come close.

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