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By Buizel7
Hello! I havent been on in a while as you can notice, but since it is blooming season, I shall post the progressof some of the sarr blooms I have so far!
First one to open is the Flava, a wonderful-yellow green.

Next are these three Sarracenia x wrigleyana scarlett belles, Its their first time flowering!

Sarracenia Pupurea Fat Chance and its First bloom!

My Venosa's flower!

And Finally, My Sarracenia Minor flowers... Should I cut these off? these plants do seem a little small (main plant was eaten by a caterpillar last year and had died, but it has made two side shoots.) Flowers are on the right and far left.
By Buizel7
So I just found out that my Venosa seems to be blooming 4 flowers...
I remember the growth point splitting in half from a single flower, then two flowers came out, and now four! Quite amazing how far and fast these plants can grow.
By Buizel7
They finally opened up!

I love the pink on the Purp
HeliamphoraWalnut wrote:Whoa!
Were/are there any pitchers coming out of those points?
Yeppo, here is a picture of them!

8E0D04BE-53A5-45F8-BFA6-12612003AA0A.jpeg D9E88A[…]

65DB3994-A023-4AED-8FD0-6C793E25A6F8.jpeg 730A42[…]

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