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in england it rarely gets over 21 degrees celcius during summer! so what should i do about winter rest? if my room is like 20-30 in the winter can i put it by a fan or somthing? anyone from england grow this? and give me tips where you grow it and can share your experience?
By petmantis
Why cant you use miracle grow peat moss because i just got some.

yeah, miricle grow add loads of nutrients beneficial to alot of plants, but in peat bogs carnviorous plants have adapted to low nutrient by eating bugs so it kills them and defeats the object of eating bugs :P , Liam

Ahem. ... racle+grow

Anything is possible.
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By Matt
Ahem. ... racle+grow

Anything is possible.

I wouldn't go quite that far :) But yes, Cephalotus is one of the exceptions of the no fertilizing rule. They seem to like the occasional fertilizing. I didn't know that they'd grow in enriched (Miracle-Gro) potting soil though. That's pretty amazing!
By Darkrai283
Oooh That sounds interesting ;)
I have three cephs right now which I repotted about a month ago as they were all cramped in a pot and since they're not growing any new traps or leaves, I might 'cut' the soil around it to a shape nearly the same as another smaller pot as I have to make sure I cause the smallest root disturbance and I might occasionally (about once in a week) add some fertiliser to them.
thx for the advice. I recently ordered 1 of these because they are so cute...
it arrived and was tiny, I planted in the proper mix and put it in the window. my window is facing and gets about 5-6 hrs of direct light and my Nepenthes thrive there. The plant just never adjusted and just dried up and died.
I was pretty bummed about it. But perhaps I'll give it another go with this plant

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