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By Starchy
Wow, excellent story and great looking plants!

I have a question about CITES. According to this list, Dionaea are considered endangered. Does that mean that ordering 5 or so cultivars from overseas would require an import permit? And a side question: do you know if you require 1 phyto cert per plant being shipped, or if it is one phyto cert per order?
By Dionae
First off, I did receive the cuprea! The problem was I was looking for Mike Kings code and not Cedrics and being theyre all coded and not named I had to match the codes to the names and I kind of missed that one. I'm from KY....gimme a break:p.

Starchy-I'm unsure about VFTs. If theyre listed like oreophila I think youll need permits. Matt might be able to help with that question.

It depends on where youre ordering from. Some places require phytos for each plant, some just one for an order and some just charge by the hour lol.
By Adam
Thanks! Let me know if you have any DC XL ready to ship or if anyone in Canada can offer a leaf pulling that you know of...

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By Matt
Let me know if you have any DC XL ready to ship or if anyone in Canada can offer a leaf pulling that you know of...

DC XL is one that I could send you very quickly. I keep several cultures of it propagating all the time. If you want to arrange a private deal, shoot me an email at
By Adam
Thanks! Sending email..

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By Dionae
S. flava var atropurpurea--all red[br][br]Image[br][br]Image[br][br]Image[br][br]Image

S. flava var rubricorpora (very dark)[br][br]Image[br][br]Image[br][br]Image[br]

S. flava var rubricorpora--Apalachicola National Forest[br][br]Image[br][br]Image[br][br]Image

S. flava var atropurpurea--Cooks Bayou[br][br]Image[br][br]Image[br][br]Image[br][br]Image

S. flava var atropurpurea--all red tube[br][br]Image[br][br]Image[br][br]Image[br]

S. flava--Fall Line[br][br]Image[br][br]Image[br][br]Image[br]
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